My suggestions by the one and only FIDDLE


The game releases on May 8th.
With previous patches, numerous things have broken, whether it be not being able to place doors or hatches, or god bubbles making people invincible, or elevators not working
The following are bugs that are currently in the game and also things that need to be badly fixed through the eyes of someone that has 3400 hours on record.
When you place a foundation or any other structure in a certain spot it will not be placed and still use up your foundation/structure in your inventory.
God bubbles make players that are inside the inner bubble invincible and beds cannot be placed inside
A player that rolls on ceilings becomes invisible, i have heard of some circumstances where you don’t need to be on ceilings but your character just becomes invisible
Your player cannot attack under water using a spear, sword, hammer etc. People say that you can use picks and axes or javelins to kill your opponent under water but I’ve tried this and the tool just goes right through them.
Legendary weapons are extremely easy to get, you can go up to one of the easiest bosses being the scorpion, kill it and immediately get a legendary from the chest next to it, that is if you are level 60, which really isn’t all that hard to get to
The mitra staff that can be crafted with 20 starmetal inside of a t3 mitra shrine is ridiculously overpowered. You can have about 50 armor pen on it with 56 damage, this easily makes it the best spear in the game, and its not even a legendary nor is it hard to get.
There is a shield bug that people are abusing where you can have a shield and a spear out at the same time, making your player basically invincible because you always have your shield up and is actively blocking, this should seriously be fixed as soon as possible as people are abusing it on all servers.
Spears are meta again. Hammers are way to slow and if you do the heavy attack and miss you can easily be hit from behind by the opponent. Even the swings are slow, you have no chance against someone with a spear or an axe by chance if you are using the hammer and the opponent is not a potato. All the other weapons are rendered useless against someone with a spear, especially the daggers and bows.
Bows need to be buffed. I remember watching the livestream from you guys and the community manager on the livestream said that you guys think bows are good, ha like you guys even play the game, let alone pvp in it(not including thralls). I feel like at a far enough distance using a bow you should have a chance to knock down the opponent. This will make it a more balanced pvp as where the guy cant easily run away from the fight and constantly keep on running only to stop for 3 seconds to regain full stam again. Snake arrows or maybe a different type of arrow should hinder your ability to regen stamina, this would also make bows are more better weapon to bring to a fight.
Servers seem to crash every hour or so, this is extremely frustrating and makes it almost impossible to raid efficiently.
In my opinion, no type of weapon should damage t3 buildings. I think that only legendary weapons should be able to damage buildings and it could only be t2 buildings and not even a lot of damage, maybe half of what it is now, of course this should be after you guys make it harder to retrieve sed legendary weapons, you an legit go up to a base with a 2h sword(btw funcom devs this means 2 handed sword, i don’t expect you guys to know this since you don’t play the game) and start destroying someone’s base. There are some 2h swords that have 7200 durability! This is insanely op for raiding houses, especially while the person you are raiding is offline.
Why do you guys remove so many rat holes? I’m talking about the 2 “Hidden” spots under the southern aqueduct, these would make for awesome bases and very defensive as opposed to other spots that are in the game currently, a handful of “rat holes” were deleted when the recent patches came about. This would cause players to lose their entire base because suddenly a patch that was released made his base spot(cave) non existent, making his base non existent. Its like you guys want our bases to be trebs, there are only a few good spots where you cannot be trebbed, in the game(no one tell them the spots so they don’t delete them).
^ Nerf trebs. Someone can basically join a server, mine some rock iron wood and twine and easily make a treb and raid someone. Its not like the guy can make his base inside a cave anymore since you guys deleted all those spots so hes forced to build out in the open to have some noob come up to his base and raid it with some rocks and twine. From my past experiences it takes about 10-20 boulders to destroy a t3 foundation. this is the strongest tier in the game currently, and its being destroyed by stone(not a surprise what so ever, these devs just love doing stuff like this).
You shouldn’t be able to damage vaults with weapons like a steel sword, or a legendary sword with 7200 durability. With 10 people you could destroy a vault in no time with swords. in my opinion the only thing that should damage vaults is bombs. . And when doing this, make vaults cost more. Its way to easy to create 10+ vaults and spam them around your base.
Why did you guys put out testlive into live, and didn’t wipe the official servers. This caused peoples bases to be destroyed because of the terrain changes, even on dedicated servers, you didn’t even warn them about terrain changes. YOU GUYS KNEW THERE WERE TERRAIN CHANGES, but what a surprise, you didn’t give a @&#( and didn’t wipe official servers, and didn’t inform anyone about terrain changes.
just to let everyone know. this is the state the game is in now, and it releases officially in a couple weeks. All the people that left at the launch of EA of the game and left because of the bugs, will come back to even more bugs, worse bugs, and no optimization difference than what they played with day 1 on Conan. They are gonna see the state this game is and leave if they haven’t already abandoned this game already. I like this game don’t get me wrong, but the amount of bugs that are still in the game after months of patching is ridiculous.

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Yes, yes and yes! Funcom needs this tough love to see their game succeed!

Deep down, people who built inside ‘rat holes’ or inside certain ancient structures knew the party had to come to end eventually.


I like how the game is moving torward a “rust-like” gameplay, you either play or you get rekt, simple.
And there’s plenty of ways to quickly get armors and weapons to pvp people around the map so I don’t see what’s to complain about.
This is just a phase, just like rust had when they removed entirely the pve, people grew a backbone and got with the plan or moved to other more slow paced games.

So let me get this straight: You’re saying that Rust devs “removed entirely the pve” causing a good portion of their clients to leave… and this devaluing of customer satisfaction is a good thing? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Early access are still alvalable to test, not to play as intended on the final version of the game.
Ok, there is few (alot) of issue, like legendary sword easely lootable, or raid with anything, but those are still work on by the dev.
i feel like your feedback can be usefull, but by set get rid of this salt mate :s

No, what i’m saying is that there’s plenty of family friendly build-what-you-want “survival” nowadays. We don’t need to be another minecraft or cubeworld, no offence intended, i play those games with my 8 year old, and when i just want to lash out i play rust and conan.

I hate it when one weapon is OP.

Well as I saw I could play this game in pve, I wanted to play it as pve. If the game suddenly denied pve, I would “ask” for a refund, as it became a game I didnt want to play.
That is something I really hate. You can ask for a refund of some shirt if you realised you are unhappy with it or it simply doesnt fit - but if you buy a game and it suddenly changes into some other kind of game, you wouldnt be able to get a refund? … Wouldn’t that be a kind of scam?


I dont know each and every one of them. Actually I only heard of rust and that zombie-survival-game. (forgot the name)
Thing is, I only got to know ARK and Conan Exiles. I hate how technology goes from stone to high tech (lasers, automated machine gun turrets, GPS and so on) in ARK.
The only other survival game which sounds neat to me is actually life is feudal, though I didnt play that yet.
(And doesnt look as nice, just the mechanics seem more in depth.)
As for minecraft… I never came to like how it looks. It’s fun to use it’s creative mode but thats it.

Conan Exilies is probably the most fun if one is part of a clan that properly battles other clans (no offline raids, no griefing and so on, like it happens on official servers) but other than that, there is quite a bit of pvestuff in it as well. Thus Conan Exiles is not a pvpgame. It is both. And I am very happy about that being a fact. I like the entirety of this game (aside of pvp), which is also why I get this salty at some points.