[Mysterious Jack-o'-lantern] not consumable


After an events ends, the item bag which needs a buff to be opened is changed into an item you can open without the buff for shards. You have not done this yet with this years [Mysterious Jack-o’-lantern]


This has been up on discord a couple times. They will announce it when the pumpkins will become normal consumables.


If only we had a place to give information like this where it’s static and visible and not buried in chatter. Oh wait. (Thanks for sharing! This was a jab at Funcom staff).


So you want them to announce that they’re going to make an announcement?

Discord would seem to be a sensible place to confirm to the community that something is happening, without needing a forum post, then specifics and detail can come on the post when it’s announced (hopefully) on the forum.


To be fair there is no official announcement about this. However it is a fairly new comment in the bugs channel on discord, which is always a good place to check if something is already being handled. I suspect they are waiting for a regular downtime to change the pumpkin status.

  1. Wasn’t that exactly what they did in the discord?
  2. But no. However, a list of known issues is common practice.


Well, as there isn’t, I posted in the bug section on the forums. If there had been, I would not have had to ask.

Ah yes. Check the chat program for info. No, that is not a good place to look. It should not be. It should be a place for live interaction between players and deva and player and player, not a bulletin board nor a bug reporting channel. I’m getting tired of the discussion on the difference between a forum and a chat. tl;dr: They have different uses. This would have been a use for a forum, not the chat.

Feel free to reply more to this thread, I got my answer and will mute it.


Bummer. Started deleting those as I “assumed” they weren’t going to convert to shards like they have in the past…


Thank you very much for your report. I’m sorry for any misunderstanding. The items are not bugged, they simply haven’t been updated yet. This type of item change will require downtime to process, so please keep an eye on upcoming update notes for announcements.


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