Mystery Box: "What's in the Box?"

So I found some ghosts at -118.244 120.764 -7.580 but no message. One pointed to a location where I’ve never been before, so I went there. Inside, if you go to the end you will awaken the Relic Hunters on the opposite side. Turning around, you will see a circular construction and a cheap wooden box (-130.234 109.648 -10.222).

“What’s in the box?”

Does anyone know what the story is regarding the ghosts and the box? Has anyone ever opened the box? Do I need a key or a relic fragment?

Uh yeah, I guess a little more detail would help, oops. :grin:

In the Unnamed city near the Archives, these stairs lead out to the Dawn Gate. Mid way up in the center is a small tower. The ghosts appear on the top. You cannot be cloaked.

One of the ghosts points to the left chamber next to the Archives. You must trigger this event to find the box in the chamber.

I tried flying here as admin and the chest didn’t spawn. So I retriggered the event, ran to the ghosts, ran back to the chamber climbed the wall, et viola.

Let me know if I missed any other details.

Ok for those of us that don’t have the coordinates memorized, can you get a shot of the location on the map?

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Don’t know.
But based on my history in the exiled lands, its probly 5 istone, 10 fibre and a tea pot.


If you’re lucky, you’ll get a whopping 6 crystal out of it too.


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