[NA] The Condemned RP-PVE [Arena Events]

We are going to wipe for launch! For the first week, we will have higher than normal exp & harvesting rates!

We all have come down from the cross. Bloody, beaten, left to die amidst the vast sea of sand. But somehow, we survived. From all the nations and kingdoms of this world, for whatever nefarious scheme, have been gathered to this forsaken place. Upon our wrists, we all bear the mark of the serpent, a golden bracelet which keeps us imprisoned behind the ghost wall. What’s worse, is this land is home to savages, beasts, demons & far worse, all set on our destruction. If we are to survive, we must set our old blood grudges aside and turn our blades towards a common foe, but that is easier said than done. But like us, you Exile, too are condemned.

The Condemned is an RP-PVE server focused on delivering an immersive & mature role-play experience. We will rely solely on the lore set before us by Robert E. Howard & Funcom. Please keep in mind that this is a TEXT-RP server, and not voice.

Though we do not have active PVP, we will have PVP centric events – Such as gladitorial nights with prizes, and if two clans agree on a date and time, we will allow for all-out war with the exception that the two clans MUST only target one another and their respective properties. They may not kill anyone or destroy property not involved.

Since the server does not have to deal with the threat of PVP, the Purge system will be set at a relatively difficult (Not too crazy) level to deliver a PVE threat to bases and players alike.

All we ask is that you follow these rules & guidelines:

    1. Be respectful OOC. Your character may be a lewd, racist ■■■■■■■, but OOC it will not be tolerated.
    1. Cheating will be not be tolerated, by anyone.
    1. RP is the focus. Your character must make sense within the lore.
    1. Though we welcome and allow adult role-play in the open, this server is NOT ERP centric.
    1. Deities & Cultures are to be followed as set by the lore. They are not for you to twist to suit your character. Please read up on them, we offer plenty of lore resources for you to learn.
    1. Again, RP is our focus. Please take role-play seriously.
    1. Build reasonably and aesthetically. With the threat of PVP off the table, I DO NOT want to see a 50 story tower for a single character. Buildings must make sense.
    1. The big change going forward will be that each clan or solo person may only maintain 1 house/base/settlement. We are growing daily, and by the time launch happens, I am expecting a lot of new faces. There needs to be sufficient space on the server and the resources to keep it running smoothly. I am also wanting people to really make their chosen region truly their home. Take what is unique from your local area and bring them to trade on Market Day RP events to trade for goods that are not easily found in your region. With this rule, the building of thrall training facilities in and/or anywhere near thrall spawn regions is prohibited.
    1. I would like to encourage people to group up based on their characters’ religions and cultural ties. There’s no reason for 5 different Nordheimer tribes, why not get one huge awesome RP group going and build a regional capital city in the north? Same with Stygians, etc.
    1. I will be creating a system of quests and storylines for RP to be found in the unnamed settlement in the swamp.
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  • The Condemned RP-PVE

Our in-house mod. It does several things.

    1. Triples the damage of bow light attacks, quadruples the damage of bow heavy attack. While this may make having an archer-styled character a bit easier in the early-game, it adds challenge against archer thralls, and makes an archer playstyle more viable towards the end-game.
    1. Triples the amount of attribute points, allowing more customization for unique characters and playstyles.
    1. Most items stack to 1000 now.
    1. Rocks now have a higher chance of dropping both coal and iron, making it viable to start new bases in the south without being forced to go north.
    1. Farming now also gives you seeds when harvesting your yield. What’s the point of farming, if it isn’t a sustainable source of plants?!
    1. Rocknoses and Rocknose Kings - Now have a much higher chance to drop brimstone.
    1. Dragons - All variants now have a chance to drop the fire glands - Thought it makes sense, since ya know…they breathe fire.
    1. Crafting Shaped Wood in a Carpenter’s Bench now also gives bark.

Server Settings:

  • 2x Gathering

  • Long Days & Long Nights

  • Hunger & Thirst will be drastically lowered to allow for RP without constant need to drink.

  • Purge settings will be relatively difficult.

If you would like to join, please join our Discord here: discord.gg/jen2XHQ Upon joining, you may DM me or another moderator, where you will be interviewed and if approved, you will be allowed full access to our Discord & server. In the event the link comes up as expired, please message me on Discord @ NorseKorean#3251 or leave me a DM here.

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Many things have changed, including our format - our mod list etc. We are also intending to wipe with launch and will have higher than normal exp, harvest for launch week!

We will be wiping tomorrow for launch! The perfect time for new players to come join! Us! We already have a number of growing factions that have plans to build their own full sized settlements.