Naked White Haired Men at Workstations

Like the title says, there are naked white haired men that have spawned at my workstations and they dont do anything and cant be killed.

This also happened to a player on our server. We are on the current Live build.
The affected station was the carpenter bench.
The problem persists after a server restart.
A client restart corrected it for a short time, but upon returning to his base, the npc changed back again.

This occurs on my single player game when I have the : Pickup+ mod in use. Random time before they show up but need to exit game, remove mod, and restart game. This removes them and I add the mod back in later when I need to work on building.

I’ve had this on PS4, as well, on an armorer’s bench. Only way I could get rid of it was to destroy the station, sacrificing the thrall.