Named Taskmaster not making chains on Torturer's Table (beta)

So, I got Olena the Oathbreaker in Exiled Lands on Public Beta, on private server.
I’m at level 47, placed her on Torturer’s Workbench and the option to craft chains is gone.
A friend (not using beta) got her on admin and placed at the same bench and she does produce the chain.
Is that intended? So named taskmaster’s will not make chains anymore?

Pretty sure you have to be level 50 to unlock the Greater Wheel of Pain (and all the recipes that come with it), which is why your friend gets the chains (in admin mode) and you don’t.



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If i recall correctly, chains are not bound (no pun intended) to a level. You only need a torturer’s table and the T3/4 taskmaster. Steel truncheons ARE tied to a level however as they’re linked to the greater wheel knowledge. Chains are like a hidden recipe. So long as you have the requirements (table and appropriate taskmaster tier) you can craft them. I’m pretty sure i’ve crafted them after unlocking the regular wheel before.

It appears that the wiki agrees with me. :man_shrugging:

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The wiki is correct, Chain Bindings requires you to know Greater Wheel of Pain.

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Thank you guys.


Ah… perhaps i was thinking of the bindings of the dead then. I tend to grind out the esoteric recipes as soon as possible.

You marked the wrong post as the solution :wink:

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