Names in Scrolls/on Thralls

I found a scroll that referenced someone named MIKE.

I just saw a screenshot of a thrall named MIKEY the Tinkerer.

What happened to immersive/lore-friendly names?

are you aware of the chosen of asura system , witch rewards the players that do a little extra to help funcom improve their game , they receive as a reward to be a named npc in the game , mikey is a chosen of asura i presume !

Yes. I am, but even with the Chosen of Asura, it would be best if names were Lore-Friendly.

Mikey is and that Mikey the Tinker had a mod icon on it (I think one of Multigun’s mods).

Good catch on the thrall possibly being from a mod.

But the MIKE referred to in a scroll was in my private server without any mods.

Eh, we have a bunch of easter eggs on the Exiled Lands map too. So might be another one.

I read through the list of Easter Eggs and at least all of those names blend in well in my opinion. While there is nothing wrong with the name MIKE. Personally, I do not feel it fits in with Conan. :slight_smile:

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