Narr Goatfoot Keeps returning home after placing inside my castle

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  1. Narr Goatfoot keeps coming home after i place him inside my Home.
    2.He cont to come home outside my Castle I have to keep retrieving him every time i log on pretty much daily.
  2. Server 1507
  3. all i can say about this bug since not much detail happens.
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when you say place, are you just using the stop following or actually using the move/guard command. If you use stop following, they will return after 10 minutes to where you scooped them up from (follow command). Move/guard will place them in their new home.


Another Tip: If you have a thrall that won’t stay in the place where you tell them to guard, order them to follow you, and then try positioning them with the guard action again. Sometimes the AI gets stuck remembering the old guard spot, but this seems to allow it to reset.

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I have had that stubborn thrall. Usually after making it wipe a city for zeal :slight_smile: almost like they are throwing a temper tantrum :slight_smile:

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I will try it but is keep going guard outside like 30 meters away from Home. thanks for advice.

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