Nasty Shadow Bug


since some hours i have this nasty shadow at the screen bottom.
I have deleted the appdata folder, ReloadUI - nothing works :frowning:

no uploads and no links allowed for new users!!

delete space after https
https ://

any hints?


Posted your picture for you:

It’s a fairly standard procedure for reducing spam. Takes about 10-20 minutes of reading and interacting with the forum to get “Basic”, which is when you can post images and links. It took me:


Thank you very much :grinning:
This shadowbar is driving me nuts

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This is an option that you can uncheck. I believe it is supposed to show when you’re in combat.
Interface Options > Hud display > Miscellaneous > Enable combat display

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I never even noticed that shadow before, but now that i looked, it’s constantly there.
If it’s supposed to show just in combat, it really seems bugged.
Nice to have the option to toggle it off, though.

Problem solved

thousand thanks :heart_eyes: