Necro Pets and FPS

I have read that Necromancers can summon and have maximum 12 minions at a time! Does playing with 12 minions create more load and reduce fps compared to other classes?

I’m only good up to 8 so far so can’t talk about 12, but I don’t have any problems when I have a full group out.

The thing is you probably won’t ever have 12 minions on the ground as the better one’s take up more than 1 ‘slot’. Currently I’ve been running with 4 - 1 ‘slot’ types and 2 - 2 ‘slot’ types (equal’s 8) and the lvl 80’s I see running around are all using just the 2 ‘slot’ types, so they only have 6 minions following them.

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Most necros play with meleepets, 8 of them. For some raids where the magic invuls are low you can play with ranged pets. 11 pets reduces your survivablity to the point where u die almost instantly by anything, so very nished playstyle. but to answer ops question it doesnt reduce performance.


Don’t forget extra parasitic soul (skull) pets - those take no pet points and are also controllable by Necro.