Lairs Pets & Fps

Now I know some people like to have their little ‘pets’ to run along side with them for whatever reason, and while in the main I have no problem with that, I do find it to be a problem when running lairs and you are having to deal with more than one pet tagging along, but for the consideration of others who maybe not on a super fast network , I currently run on DSL purely because the local cable providers are a rip off and vastly over priced, so therefore I have stay within my means in order to play the game, thou not on a super fast net work, and not nesc slow either, I do find when running lairs with other players pets, seriously does impede on my FPS, which can make the difference from a smooth run or a lag induced stutter run, which invariably can and does result in a Lag death,now before any smart wit says ’ get a better pc ’ as has been moted in the past, I happen to run a 32 gig 8 core 8 gig fx card machine, and in the main the game runs smooth and fine and I can run my music production software with multiple effects and instruments with ZERO LATENCY ( which is ideal when recording live music ) it is not the PC which is the problem, as I said a little consideration for other players when running lairs would be no pets if possible. Thanks

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On a side note i believe pets also compete with ppl for heals from ground heal effects. Used to be common to ask people to put away pets for lairs and such so you could heal ppl properly.

Never mind all of that! You ever tried clicking on the heart with a black raven or some associated pet in the way! One regional I was at one guy refused to put his pet away so I got everyone to summon bird pets and we were literally unable to complete a summon. So eventually a lightbulb turned on in the guys head and he realized he would actually like to do the thing everyone was there to do, which suprisingly was not to stare at other people’s pets.

An added note is that there are areas where pets are unable to be summoned. I do feel regional summoning spots should be included in that list.

Your computer is almost double mine and I don’t have issues with that. I’ve also turned off most buff effects. Might be worth looking into for you!

Frankly, I had a hard time accessing a teller at the Cabal bank because someone’s stupid raven was in the way. I like the idea of pets, just not the reality. :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem was first pointed out back when Funcom decided to ditch tab targetting in favour of this half-backed “action” combat (which is just tab-targetting in disguise in any case).

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That moment you wonder why the tank is dead and you scroll through combat log and see you were healing the Temple Cat, The loyal hound, The ak’ab and The Hare…Yes


Cats need heals too!

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