Need advice on adminning a PS4 casual PVP server

I will be starting a 20-25 player PVP server for PS4.
Here is my goals:

  1. More casual raid times.
    a. 3 month intervals between wipes.
    b. 1st month no raiding, just 24/7 melee.
    c. 2nd month raiding on set days, 4 hour window, no gods. harvesting multiplier upped.
    d. Final month raiding, gods, 5 hour windows on certain days. harvest multiplier upped
    e. Server wipe except for 1 base per clan. Details on how big tbd.
  2. As an admin, i will lose the ability to enjoy PVP, but might do weekly challenges for special loot. Sometimes it may be raiding one of our bases, a built dungeon/maze by the admins navigated by multiple clans at once as to race/battle for the reward, etc…
  3. Controlling the spawn points of world bosses to make legendaries part of the rewards system.
  4. 5 Clan max size.

this will be my experiment, but i need advice on the “policing” of the server so to speak. Not an area i have had to do, and want to keep the server open, but try and catch any proved cheating and ban.

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