Need an official answer about 3 Skull maesltrom bosses

So, first off, I’ve played on official servers for a while, mostly PvE-C. I wasn’t around when Funcom removed Avatars from official servers, but I’m sure there was a reason they did. Anyhow, I’m wondering if creatures that spawn INSIDE the maelstrom are intended to exist OUTSIDE the maelstrom. Now when I first started playing Isle of Siptah, I noticed maelstrom creatures would “despawn” if you dragged them outside the maelstrom area. For now, I would like to claim the maelstrom area as any area during the maelstrom that gives you the tornado icon on your UI. Where anything that does not give you that tornado icon is outside the maelstrom area.

With that being said, are maelstrom mobs supposed to exist outside the maelstrom area? Yes or no? If no, does this include the 3 skull bosses? Since today we had someone drag 3 skull maelstrom bosses to our base which is NOT inside the maelstrom area, destroying a large portion of our base on a PvE-C server. I’m fairly certain this is not what Funcom intended, hence why I brought up them removing Avatars for whatever reason. To be completely honest, ALL maelstrom creatures, including bosses should immediately disappear if they breach that “no tornado icon” area.


Need and answer to this as well!


In the meantime, while we wait for that official response, the same person on our official PvE-C server once again, summoned 3 skull storm bosses near our base that is NOT in the maelstrom and destroyed more of our base while we were offline, sleeping. So far, we’ve lost our named Smelter, T3 blacksmith and well, a huge chunk of gather resources that were in chests.

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Hello :slight_smile: I’m sorry for what you described, however if I were you i wouldn’t post players names / IDs on a public thread, because the moderation might erase your topic.

If you have proofs of griefing there is a procedure here for reporting bad players / behaviors.

And indeed your question about thoses 3-skulls siege bosses remains valid… and I’m curious of the answer Funcom could provide, event if I’m afraid this will end like for the purges.


Naming and shaming on the forums is frowned on by the mods, FYI.


No need to get snippy about it. Your concerns are valid. It’s just that “naming and shaming” potentially leads to other issues not unlike a witch hunt. Leave the name of the culprit out of forum posts and you’re good to go. If you have proof that they are griefing, then you can put the name in the behavior report where none but you and Funcom will see it.


I know from my experience on another server that I had a base that was built near the edge of the storm (mind you it was about 30 blocks outside) that my base was destroyed by monsters that walked out of the storm and too my house. How do you know this wasnt a freak accident? Even if event logs show looting, someone couldve ran outside the storm and sought refuge at your base (as was the case on my server with my base from another player). The game is still in early development.

If you stand on the edge of the maelstrom at the limit where you still receive the maelstrom debuf but you’re almost out of the storm, each mob that spawns from the maelstrom has a chance to spawn as far as 50 meters away from you, making it very possible to spawn the elder thing outside the storm. Add to that the increased spawn rate you have after 5-10min in the storm and you can cause alot of them to spawn inside or near player bases that are very close to the storm. Due note that elder things that spawn outside the storm will eventually be frozen and despawned, but it won’t stop them to take a bite from your base before they do.
From all the mobs that spawn from the maelstrom however, only a handful of them are siege elders, which look like regular elders, but have elder siege damage enabled, which means they will 1-shot anything they hit. These siege elders can be a simple demon dog or giant bee. These are not 3skulled bosses. Still, if a player is near your base, the elders that spawn will most likely be siege elders, as these have a high chance to spawn around player owned structures.
To protect yourself from such griefing behaviour, where a player is standing near the edge of the maelstrom ring and then siege elders spawn in your base, I suggest you build as far as 100 meters away from the storm area.
Don’t build really close to the storm, thinking that you need to be closer to the leylines where surges take place. Your base will not be safe if you do this.

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Uhm, I was there WHILE he was purposely dragging storm mobs into our base. He even bragged about it in global to everyone on the server and thanked us for letting him have our T3 blacksmith. Also, that base has been in that location for 2 weeks prior without ANY storm mob provocation while we did our daily routine. So no, it wasn’t a fluke. Doesn’t matter anymore, because it’s a griefing mechanic and will continue to get exploited until Funcom decides to answer the question and / or fix the issue.

While I appreciate your feedback and just to update the thread that we have in fact rebuilt a new base much farther away. The problem still exists where people are dragging storm mobs outside the storm which in my opinion should be considered an exploit and / or griefing. As I pointed out in my original post that Funcom removed Avatars because players were abusing / exploiting them. I don’t see how this should be viewed any different since on PvE servers, even PvE-C servers, player structures should be deemed safe from destruction caused by other players, which is not the case.

Part of the problem here is that elder mob damage to building pieces is way way way too high.

I really don’t understand why and I’m hoping that Funcom has only temporarily configured it this high abs part of the early access process.

I’ve been futzing around with maelstrom settings on my private server and at much lower damage multipliers you can significantly increase the complexity of interactions players can have with the maelstrom while still guaranteeing that player structures in the maelstrom require constant maintenance to remain viable.


But you see here’s the thing. If the owner of a base has summoned storm monsters near their own base and someone decides to come along and drag the storm monsters to their base (which once again is near the storm), then it sounds like this is just an issue of building too close to the storm. From what you’re saying, the person just decided to play smart and while it is RUDE to do that, its nothing of exploiting game mechanics. I dont mean to harp on u, but it doesnt sound illegal in terms of rules.

TLDR; build away from the storm or suffer the consequences that developers intended more than likely. My bargain is i could see this happening on PvP and it being totally fine. Thats the bottom line.

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This is actually exactly the same thing as dragging mobs to kill someone’s pet while it is scouting. Its just part of the game and happens on all servers.

This is basically like being able to pull a purge to someone else’s base so that it attacks that base and not yours.

Has Funcom ever issued any sort of guidance on whether or not doing that is an exploit you can be banned over?

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Not quiet like “pulling a purge to someones base” because the creator of the base was the one who summoned the storm surge montsers. So the storm was already supposed to destroy his base if he summoned them at his base because thats why they come down in the first place… to destroy the base you built near the storm.

It’s exactly like Purge-pulling. When you pull a Purge to someone’s base, you’re the one who created your base, filled the Purge meter, and then decided to pull the Purge enemies to someone else’s base.

When you pull Siege Elder Things to someone’s base, you’re the one who created your base inside the Maelstrom area, waited for the Siege Elder Things to spawn, and then decided to pull them to someone else’s base.

And while Funcom hasn’t stated anything officially and explicitly about this, it’s still griefing.


Ok, our base is NOT inside the storm. I don’t know how many times I’ve stated this. So that entire argument you just presented is invalid. The problem is, where is the storm’s edge? Is it when the maelstrom debuff turns on and off? Is it 50 tiles outside of that? 100 tiles? Are maelstrom mobs supposed to exist outside this area? Those are the questions that need to be answered so players KNOW where they can build. In the meantime, dragging siege mobs to a base IS an exploit because it’s not meant for “players” to circumvent" no structure damage on PvE servers. I don’t get why this concept is so hard for people to understand.

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It’s nothing like purge pulling. This dude literally said he created the base NEXT to the storm. Those are HIS monsters. Why would the monsters stop spawning in other storms when he is offline? The monsters are trying to destroy his base and it sounds like he is frusturated that someone happened to come by at the right time and loot what the monsters were developed and created to do.

Here’s a simple map and while not completely accurate, will give a better understanding of what it is I’m seeking an answer / response to. The 2 main questions being. Are Maelstrom mobs supposed to exist outside the storm or is there some boundary where they should auto despawn once breached? Second question being, if there is no set boundary for despawn and these mobs can be kited across the map. Is that not considered exploiting or circumventing PvE no structure damage caused by other players?

I see what youre asking now.
I guess the big thing is that are you making assumptions someone did this to your base?
The people at funcom dont take “assumptions” lightly… so much that they even created a rule that “if you dont provide enough evidence and file a report then it could be punitive to your account” or something along those lines. Like to really knock this claim out you will probably need actual video footage of the person creating a “fake base” near your base and “luring them” to your base.
Even then, i still think this isnt exploiting as it is very similtar to just mobbing “scouting” pets to kill them which happens on every server every day.