Need For More Advertisement

Here’s to hoping that there is a considerable ramp up in advertising for official launch to get the largest crowd possible. I understand the implications of overloading the population cap, and the players that will show up just to grief others, but I believe there needs to be more advertisement than I see currently to make people realize that the last year has only been early access (even though it has been competitive to most finished games).

Lots of Youtubers and Twitchers have been streaming this title for over a year and very few are doing so now compared to then, despite the great updates that have happened in the meantime. From the previews that have been displayed on stream and shown in newsletters, it is clear that there is a vast amount of changes and increased content coming to launch.

Many of those who played early access last year and quit may not be aware of all the improvements over the base game since last March, which is why i bring this up. I hope there are plans for more advertisement once all the certification is done and the gold builds are set. I really want this game to do well and bring in plenty of players so that we can get Sorcery and Settlements and possible even the mount system (just a pack donkey/camel would be a huge QOL improvement) at a later date.


well there is a major game releasing next month, so perhaps they think any advertising now might not stick with consumers during the period Sony’s 1st party game launches next month ( I don’t care for that game, and even some veterans hate the direction they are going with that new sequel, but it still is a industry popular series so perhaps they are saving Conan Exiles promotions until a week or two after that game drops in interest. )

Conan Exiles will have fresh steamers on PS4, though, so that can help raise awareness, but yea they should more effectively promote the game, though right now they are polishing things, so overall, I think its a timing based thing, but they really should get PSN blog community attention and stuff so more get informed and up to date, it would also be good to get ign, gamespot, siliconera, gematsu, and other sites to talk more about its upcoming may 8 launch. also gamekyo and reddit sources too. as well as playstation 4 and xbox one reddit.

while PC version launch is the same date, technically Conan Exiles is a been there done that game to the PC crowd, so thats why there isnt much hype from that side of things, and thats the double edged sword with early acces, however Conan Exiles will be brand new to the 60,000,000+ PS4 masses, so there is much potential there to profit. So yea I agree they should at least let the mainstream be aware of Conan Exiles like once a week countding down to its release, cause that can turn more consumers to save their money for Conan Exiles instead of next months games.

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Right, p24 release will help, and maybe they are holding off till they finish polishing the details to be assured they will meet the deadline. My concern is to get the news out for the PC crowd that this is by no means the same game they tested over a year ago.

There were/are a lot of bad reviews from people who tried it in early access at the beginning (that double edged sword) and the map is now more than twice as big, double the armor choices, complete combat overhaul, climbing, new AI and many other changes that they had asked for, but may turn a blind eye from because of that ‘early’ experience. let’s hope the gaming sites and youtubers/twitchers return for launch. :slight_smile:

Totally agree about advertising. About overloading: don’t forget private dedicated servers. Many are empty because of the game having low population. Of course, Funcom should put some measures or settings in place to make live harder for stupid admins. Maybe a license to have a dedicated server. Even paid license to host their game though cheap, no more than 3 or 7 dollars every month and you must disclosure for Funcom your identity and age etc. It is a pity but need to avoid what we see anonymity can do to some people. And maybe Funcom should not sell licenses to people under the age of 18. License should be good for many servers, not per server. Believe me, there will always be people willing to pay if not expensive but rather a symbolic sum.

My guess is that they will ramp up the advertisement really close to release in order to iron out ss many bugs as possible. Still a way to go there so. I agree that its a new game, spesially after the new testlive update. 80+ new weapons/tools/armor is just amazing work and provide more options in the game. Also remember that the xbox verson that is live is very old now, so they really have something to look forward to. All in all i think the content is comming together, just iron out those bugs and they are good :blush:

Private servers are empty, because the people are waiting for the release in 1 month. I totally disagree to pay a license fee because they pay allready for the server. Most private server Admins are working hard for the organization on their servers aiming for a great gaming experience. They spend their time for the players on their server, for the success of this game. Ofcourse it’s their Hobby but it’s also advertisement for the game and mainly a great and free service for the players playing on this dedicated server. Taking license fee from private Admins would kill this game.


I personally wouldn’t pay a licensing fee. That said, I think the number of private servers will go down considerably after launch. I was looking today and most of the private servers I see don’t use mods and are ghost towns. I myself only want to run one because there are a whole 2 (this is not hyperbole) Asian RP servers as of this minute. Of those two, mine is the only one with any mods whatsoever.

Eventually people will look at their monthly bill from their server provider and decide to save a few bucks. Some of the servers I’m seeing are 10-slot only, which is fine if you wanna play with your local buddies but useless for any real interaction.

Regarding advertising, I do agree it needs to be dealt with but they haven’t released the new combat patch to live yet and the worst thing they can possibly do right now is advertise, the people who left a year ago come back and the one thing you spend most of your time doing still sucks. I think they will start a week or so before launch, or they will if they’re smart at least…

Yeah, I don’t expect the advertising before live gets it’s final update and then only a couple weeks prior to release. It would be preferable for the kinks to get straightened out at launch before bringing the people back, to prevent those that rage easily from quitting and spreading bad reviews again. Technically, you have to be 18 to play this game anyway (but we all know how that works out).

I understand the private servers, since there are a lot of options for server settings that will never be used on official ones. You can restrict siege times for people to be prepared, adjust loot tables and difficulty, as well as most other aspects to the damage/time/hunger settings. My main reason for going to a private server will be less griefing and more clothing mods (and preferably 2-3x drop rates). The massive amount of new content will help me put up with vanilla, but I’m always looking to expand my wardrobe and have more emotes! :grin: