Need help finding a place to build a base



How about that spot? You can build eleveator to get even faster down to the resources. An other possible location would be on the lower right edge to the circle. But that area is not very flat. On top of that you have many thrall and two prist spawn loactions nearby.


Gonna add my fav spot too :slight_smile:

Here’s my spot for starting bases (from ~10 to 60) up to the point where I need to get Star Metal and maybe move north:

There’s a big expanse of desert filled with trees and stones and fiber plants, and also dry wood, and there’s a small low plateu on which you can also build, and has enough space for a big base and to expand vertically.

You have access to the river through a round around route (following the “road”) or you can build an elevator as a shortcut. There’s lots of iron nearby (~ up to 9000 or maybe more, by going from deposit to deposit) and there’s lots of coal too.

Sinner’s Refuge and Gallaman’s are very near, and have enough brimstone to get you started… and the Deathwhisper Ruins has lots more, if you can deal with the quick spawning spooders there :slight_smile:


Here’s another one, but not a starting zone: the ledge to the north of Mitra’s shrine.
It is in the desert, outside the sandstorm area. You’re close two capitals, level 30 and level 40 (steel YAY).

You can enter the green zone at Chaos Mouth. Crazy amounts of iron there, too.


I have a base on a island surround by water with a nice shelter but it not flat but I like it.


At the longish lake in the more brown area of the highlands (western side) I found a whole mess load of iron and coal all over out there, I dunno why the map isn’t showing that. On a few servers I’ve been on, no one builds out there. It’s cold, sure, so maybe that’s why? I like that area though.


G8. Everything you need is close to G8. G8 is the best. You have to go a little further to get brimstone. But it’s an easy run.


I don’t like the green/brown zone, because it’s raining all the time. Even indoors. So depressing :frowning:


That’s a great spot, holy mackerel, I always go to the cliffs east of the ship if you know what I mean, and do ore elsewhere. :smiley:


Yeah, I really like that spot… I made base there with a least 3 chars, in slightly different spots each, after I struggled for a while on the last ones trying to find a different place that I liked too, but no luck :slight_smile:

I think it’s good for a PvE server too… I’m not sure about on a PvP server or conflict, due to the fact it might be a bit exposed… but I’m not an online player anyways, and maybe a PvP veteran can make it work somehow :smiley:

And I think it would be good for a private server too, as long as you don’t block or cut the “road” that passes through that expanse, I guess. The plateau is small but it has enough space for a whole base including wheel of pain and altars and map room, if you build vertically.

Here are some pics from that particular spot in the small plateau to give an idea of size (they are arguably bad pics but they are the only ones I have atm):

pics inside

I used to have a map room in the empty space in this next pic, until the game deleted it :frowning:


I also really like that spot too! I made a small base there some time back… the only problem is the Rhinos nosing around your doors if you build an elevator access :smiley:


same tip I gave you last time you wanted everyone to find you a spot. You gave us all nothing but complaints and whining.

get up and walk the map.


That’s good, quite nice and high too just like I expected. On PVP around that area I like to hide in plain sight.

Put a knob on top of my main building, with a 4-seat wheel inside. Install a high hard-to-reach window, and before I log off I remove the taskmaster. They’ll hit my vanity pavilions, but nobody seems to invade “empty” wheelhauses, in almost 2 years of play! :smiley:


Its too hard make a maproom and teleport for resources what do you need ? :smiley: I dont know what other players, i am maybe just bad and everyone is good but i NEVER build base in middle of map and near resources. Main rule in this game is SURVIVE and as i can see on our server, 90% bases in middle of map is already raided so you definitely cant survive on spot like that if you are not playing on PVE server, PVE-C or PVP with MAXIMUM FRIENDLY COMMUNITY. In every obelisk i build maproom and its working very good :slight_smile:


It depends on your strategy, and maybe your profile. Every server where I’ve tried to hidey-hole it out, they’ve hunted me down like the dirty dog I am.

I mean, in my experience even the hardest PVP player still desires a rockin thrall collection. Acquiescing to real-world hiring challenges, it’s very efficient to fill 7 choice slave slots near the Galleon, then dump my best armor in a cache underneath before going out fighting. Then if I die I can just leave my nude buns out on top of some guy’s vault and log off. :beginner: :nerd_face:


Better yet, do what I did and load up the game in single player and just pop on flight and god mode and go scout out the map


On the bright side: it’s rhinos without tigers. Try to raise their babies, all you need is a basic pen.
Once you got a rhino pet you got a friend to tank other rhinos. And the dancers from The Den do a good job healing your rhinos.


I love that spot! In PvE, I have my base built on the little ledge to the SW of your circle and it’s convenient to pretty much everything needed for a base. The only resources that really get despawned are just on the ledge itself, plenty more remains in the river valley below and up atop the ridge. :slight_smile:


I like building my base on the oasis right beside the Mitra trainer. That HUGE rhino can be a pain though, but there is just an insane amount of resources in that area.


But it gives me a good idea for a suggestion. No interior rain on player buildings. XD


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