Need help finding a place to build a base

Its too hard make a maproom and teleport for resources what do you need ? :smiley: I dont know what other players, i am maybe just bad and everyone is good but i NEVER build base in middle of map and near resources. Main rule in this game is SURVIVE and as i can see on our server, 90% bases in middle of map is already raided so you definitely cant survive on spot like that if you are not playing on PVE server, PVE-C or PVP with MAXIMUM FRIENDLY COMMUNITY. In every obelisk i build maproom and its working very good :slight_smile:


It depends on your strategy, and maybe your profile. Every server where I’ve tried to hidey-hole it out, they’ve hunted me down like the dirty dog I am.

I mean, in my experience even the hardest PVP player still desires a rockin thrall collection. Acquiescing to real-world hiring challenges, it’s very efficient to fill 7 choice slave slots near the Galleon, then dump my best armor in a cache underneath before going out fighting. Then if I die I can just leave my nude buns out on top of some guy’s vault and log off. :beginner: :nerd_face:

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On the bright side: it’s rhinos without tigers. Try to raise their babies, all you need is a basic pen.
Once you got a rhino pet you got a friend to tank other rhinos. And the dancers from The Den do a good job healing your rhinos.

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I love that spot! In PvE, I have my base built on the little ledge to the SW of your circle and it’s convenient to pretty much everything needed for a base. The only resources that really get despawned are just on the ledge itself, plenty more remains in the river valley below and up atop the ridge. :slight_smile:


I like building my base on the oasis right beside the Mitra trainer. That HUGE rhino can be a pain though, but there is just an insane amount of resources in that area.

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But it gives me a good idea for a suggestion. No interior rain on player buildings. XD

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