Need help wiping out a clan on pvp

Hello. Im asking for help to wiping out a clan on pvp because they think they r god and untoichhable. (Honestly, im doing this for personal reasons cause it is my friends clan and we got into a arguement and i ended up quiting it cause i couldnt deal with the drama anymore. But anyways he bullies other clans by hoping on another account and bombing that way. So it doesnt attract attention to the main account.) So please lol for a bit of revenge purposes. I need help lol

What clan

Itz called boob nations. I want to remain annoynamous though lol cause theyll know it was me if some1 mentions it. And so far from what i know. They blocked off a bit of the salt lake spawn points cause of brimstone. Since thats the key ingredient for bombs.

Mind you this only on ps4

Bummer, we PCers would have swarmed them :frowning:

Lol yes thats the problem