Need help with dps meter addon

Anyone know where to download safely dps meter addon/act,and how to instal them correctly?I read some thread that ppl are talking about thats tricky and not a easy task,and cant find a reliable guide and a 100%safe website to download that…Any tips?Thx in advance.

Most people go with Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT) as it gives the most useful information. There is also a plugin mod for SWL that gives you access to the info without having to alt-tab or create a chat link.

In terms of how to configure it, you can just use the setup wizard, you just need to know where your SWL game folder is to find the combat logs.

Where can I find my game log file?I am steam client user

It’ll be in your SWL folder, for steam I think that means Program Files(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/secret world legends, but I’m not 100% sure (I don’t use steam).

The log file will only exist if you have turned on combat logging in the game at least once. use the “/logcombat on” and “/logcombat off” to turn it on and off (remember you’ll need to actually hit something so there’s an entry to write to the log). If you have problems finding it, you can always search for “CombatLog” in file explorer and that should bring it up.

Oh tyvm mate