Need help with Sound Bug (PC Xbox Game Pass)

Hi Everyone, I have been having an issue starting today with audio not working for some reason.
This also started randomly today, as I have played several days previously with 0 sound issues, but have no changed anything personally.
Whenever I am on the Main Menu, I have all the normal sound, however the second I get into the world, all of my sound dies.
If I turn off my bluetooth, and switch to using my built in laptop speakers, sound plays in world like normal.
I have gone through and tried every single fix I could find throughout all the forums and nothing seems to work, any help would be greatly appreciated because I’ve been really enjoying the game and wish to continue playing it.

Laptop: Dell G7 7588
Headphones: Soundcore Life Tune XR

DXDiag photos (would not let me upload as I’m a new member to the forums please remove the word remove): imgREMOVEur.coREMOVEm/a/xJ74hXP
System Information photo:

Thank you for any help in advanced

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