Need help (xbox1)

Cant log anymore, crash every try. Server pve c 2018, gt Maverickdoe. Need help soon pls, i dnt want my stuff vanish…

First have you done a hard reset (hold the power button on your xbox for 10 seconds till it restarts) or a full shut down (xbox power settings)?

Next try running single player offline mode for a couple minutes, then without closing CE or restarting your xbox start your online session.

Already had tried first suggestion, i tried second one as soon i readed, but dsnt work any of them… also tried reseting modem and deleting the data, but nothing works. Im able to go others servers n offline too, but just cant do it on the which i was playing…

Funny that they calm to have come out with performance updates to help with getting dash boarded yet I continue to get kicked 4 to 5 times a day.
I read stuff like this all the time, it unfortunate they don’t seem to give more of a crap.

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Still nothing, and no more signs of help tries from anybody. I just lost my character and stuff? cant support guys try to log my char and unlocking somehow? am i playing x nothing? cause im not picking other server n take ris happening again… Also i want to remark crashing game often when feats window, tht happens any server even offline mode. Game worked much better whn was on beta for sure, and after alll you guys released new dlc … instead fixing wht already are. Ihate to admit but so far, game is unplayable like others said. Literally, x me. Should i got any hope wth my problem or should i start thnking bout quit the game…?

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have you tried to log in in SP Offline first for 2-3 min and then start an online game ? usually that works, always for me. were you able to log in the last days ? i think you dont need to worry if you were able to, because they increased the decay timer till 4th of august if i remember right

yea i tried tht several times and nothing… but wait still get more funny: tried another server just t distress and like i gueessed… bum same problem again, only reached lv6 in tht one… and i just readed in funcom news this is best n fast selling game he ever had so… WTH are they doing wth all tht money?? anything except hire nice programmers n coders i guess. I use t b patient, i wouldn complain if the game were still BETA…like i said even worked x me then, crashed yea but i could log again n keep playing… n still no a single sign f usefull help… im starting t feel SCAMMED: a thing is a game wth bugs n things t improve…another thing is a game tht CANT b played

It shouldn’t take special steps just to play a game. This is ridiculous. Bad business

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