Need More Animals relaited to CONAN. NPCs Animals and God MONSTERS


I live and love this game I spend 6-9 hrs a night on it.
But needs to be harder to play.
It would be great when swimming in the water there are deadly Fish, I.E Piranha’s so you are more careful swimming in Water. So you are going too have to plan your route better. Also, Allow Alligators to attack you in water. Maybe Deadly Snakefish. That Poison you and you can lose stamina and drowned.
In the Marshes have Leaches that cause diseases, when they Bite you.
Piranhas will attack you in a group and eat you.
Large Sandworms in the Desert detect Movement on the sand.
More Giants More Monsters, Its a Vast Open world of high Risk but atm it feels like a Walk in the Park and have a Picnic.
Scorpions Need to be Bigger Deadlier
Snakes Bigger deadlier
The landscape seems to bare, I love the Conan movies and there are creatures Vast Deadly.
I love the game but atm it Feels PG rated
have shiny eyes in the darkness from Predators Hyena or panthers other creatures
Deadly Plants that can snare you, poison you. Eat you
Quicksand in the desert and in the marshes
Monsters in the water Giant fish or Octopus
Deadly god creatures in the water.

Komodo Dragon In the marshes that when they Bite you they leave a festering Bite that shows a red mist over your body and lures other Komodo dragons to you, and you run to the water to get away but there are Fish in there and creatures in there that can also kill you. So where do you run to, You try to climb a tree but your stamina is Low, you are getting weaker you find a Cave its dark but then you hear Screams or hisses in the darkness then you see Blinking eyes. Its cold, and your wet you are eating food faster to heal. Its a fight to survive you find the plant you need to heal from the Bite, you hunt meat to eat and you feel stronger. Then you run to the water’s edge and see blood in the water something has been eaten. Its a risk do you swim, ??? So you keep to what the waters edge and watch your surroundings. You hear a growl and there is a huge creature Standing over a half-eaten Animal t sees you and starts to run towards you, you run to the sea and drive in. Its stands at the edge and watches you as you swim and then you see a Larg Fin in the water heading towards you so do you fight in the water or on land. This is how id like the game to be. decisions on life and death. The Conan world is a Fight to live
I do like the Daddies to the Creatures But they are not Hard to Kill.
I do like the world Monsters… to get the keys.
Have snake Pets for the Sect Religion
Better Armour cold protection Fur or have a fur Build add-ons as it shows only one atm why not have builds that show more snowflake protection.

I love the Game as I said But please make this map Bigger allow Mounts. and add more deadly creatures to the water sea and land. make the player plan there route more careful. not knowing what you may come up against is scary and exciting at the same time, I want to swear at the game because its hard I want to look at a creature and think how the hell do I Kill that. or get away from it.
i know atm the map is too small for mounts, but you can at least add deadly fish or creatures to the water. Make the night scary with eyes that blink in the darkness. everything wants to kill and eat you.
make every path you take Hard, every route is a challenge and every fight for survival a wish you never left your hut. and this game will haunt people. and want to play more.

But thanks guys… for what you ahve done atm,.


Bigger maps and mounts are a no for now. Mounts have clipping issues and fall into the terrain from speed. And the map outside spaces are used by dungeons nor do they plan on expanding the map to accommodate more land. I do like the idea of adding watery threats to the world considering many players use it as an escape from npc threats. Also I’d like to see some fish actually swimming around.


I know the bigger maps and mounts are an issue for now, I have been following this game before beta release. But they did advertise it, in one trailer. as they planned to make it like the conan MMO.
So ill look forward to that, I also look forward to the Big maps, would be nice to run from one side of a BIOME to another and it take 2-3 hrs. it would add more diversity to the game. And yes I agree people use the water too much as an Escape, that is why we need Killer fish and monsters in the sea rivers marshes and lakes. And death worms like tremours step on the sand and run for your life, swim in the water and risk being eaten. there are schools of fish but its on a loop, like a play back. and they disappear into nothing they need to Code random movment, in the single player version there is Piranha in the animal section, when you do admin settings and spawn things in. So why is that not implemented in the game ???


I like this idea. Hope they do something to this.


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