Need some help in translation

The Giant-king Lorestone at The Hidden Way is not fully translated in any possible language.
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All subtitles are missing the translation of the last sentence.

  • You have come to the northern boundary of our kingdom.
  • Go no further, slave, lest you run afoul of the boundary markers.
  • Take a moment, however, to appreciate it.
  • Out there, beyond the borders, is freedom.
  • The freedom to suffer. The freedom to die.
  • Remain, bonded one.
  • ??? is light and your live is better for it. <---- This subtitle is missing completely.

Players helping Players

P.S.: English isnt my mother tongue so the last sentence is really hard for me to understand. :see_no_evil:
What i figured out so far is.

  • ??? is light and your live is better for it.

Anyone out there who can help me out what the voice is saying ?

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Your yoke is light, and your life is better for it.

A yoke is the harness used to tether a beast of burden (ox, horse, etc) to a plow or cart so that they can pull it. So saying, “your yoke is light” is like saying, “your burdens are easy to shoulder”.

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Your Yoke …

Ahhh man, thank you very much @Larathiel i really appreciate it.

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