Need To Ask The Question; Why Isn't There A PvE Raid On Siptah?

I mean come on guys, you left us out to dry with the sorcery dungeon and now the big build up to an actual PvE raid all wasted because someone was lazy to not copy and paste on Siptah… We come back every so often to keep our building timer refreshed for the new content but fences like this happens and we are rung out to dry. Why even keep Siptah active? WHY PAY FOR IT WHEN THE NEW CONTENT IS ON THE BASE GAME!!!

They answered that in the Dev stream. They didn’t have time to do two big castles. They had time for one and they chose to invest in Exiled Lands since it was base game and not a DLC that only some people had. It was a deliberate choice to invest in the game with the amount of time they had to reach the most people.


Wait a second? That new pve raid thingy is not available on Siptah but marketed as the key point ?! For real? :frowning:

yep PvE Raid is only for EL.

Will never happen on official servers.

Never!!! IoS forever!!

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The short answer is its not built yet.

The long answer is its a new system since it sort of mimic’s the player buildings in form and function (such as destroying foundations brings down walls), but also has the feature of respawning as PVE content.

The idea from what I’ve gathered from the streams is that they want to get the system so they can easily implement more such content (though smaller) and allow modders to add their own fortifications. I assume the one added to Siptah will be a testbed for that upgraded system.

Its not as simple as copying and pasting the fort from Exiled Lands, not yet anyway. I personally can’t wait to see what modders are going to do with this new system. Dungeons with walls that can be bombed like in Legend of Zelda would be really cool.

They over thought it.
Shouod uave been 80% in game static building, with all doors and a few “breach” point walls as destructible l. And dont do a haed reset, just use spawn timer. Thus once you breach younhave about 15 mins before walls go back up (replicates repairing). Then it would super easy to replicate. The while base being destructible is over kill, as most wont waste the mats to level the whole thing.

Dont forget, there were destructible meshes in game along time ago. Tents, cheats, etc. They removed them in optimization a while back.

Siptah was like the young brother with a bright future that his parents loved , but one day he got into trouble (to hard to balance) so the older brother exile became the favourite again , so then the younger brother was completly forgotten about :disappointed_relieved: or in short the story of kung fu panda , villain being siptah and po being exile land and shifu is funcom :joy:

Just to note, based on performance… issues… around the PvE raid base on Exiled Lands, this one is glad to wait a little longer for a smaller base on Siptah.

While the Kurak dungeon remains a sore spot, this one… At least we got purges and there are barkeeps

Still, why not just put the Kurak dungeon at the gray one pools, craft some silly thing with blood crystal, set it in the podium, and boom, off you go.
Ok, that’s overly silly, but there are still huge piles of no build zones that a teleporter could have been added to.

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Looks at scraps from flotsam found on the Exiled Lands. Looks at furnace. Smelts into eldarium

I am just saying, if you have TWO maps and only support one you should have never done the second map in the first place. Plus you would think that the players who PAID for IoS would be the ones to actually buy crom coins for the stuff they add in the store. I own all expansions because I believed this game was worth supporting, but now… ye~~~ah… Don’t release content if you are only going to release it on one half of the game. Plus, on xbox, no mods… I need to setup my pc but need a better cpu.

I’ll point out that you can use the two buildings sets and three armor sets you purchased in Exiled Lands (and any custom map) with your IoS purchase.

You’re right that they shouldn’t have done Isle of Siptah at all. The only benefit (outside the listed items above) that the game got from it on a developmental standpoint is the custom map functions it introduced.

What they should do is include IoS (but not the armor or building pieces, they basically become a DLC and no price change) with the base game and then take a firm stance on adding no more new content to it. Consider it a gift to the playerbase and move on.

Yep! Glad we don’t have that huge unfinished Siege base on Siptah!

Figure out the problems on EL and give Siptah the finished product in chapter 4.

Takes Eldarium and uses it to make lots of different things.

Thank you!

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