Quick and simple question on PVE raid on Siptah

as title says , I want to ask , will we have Age of War chapter 3’s PvE Raid on Siptah too ? I ask because on Exiled Lands it is in very specific predetermined location and it is lore-bound ,same as Sorcery Dungeon, which we don’t have on Siptah too . So do we need to play on EL to experience this as well ?

Its exile land only again.

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I also hope this gets added to Siptah, seems rediculous that we keep getting passed over with content. I played in the exile lands for years. I moved to siptah to get away from the exiled lands but now we are forced to play there or miss out on content?

Eventually, according to the livestream.

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do hope they add it, i play on both maps. there is a massive perfomance hit so, it really needs more polishing…

as for what they say, from saying to fulfilling there is a gap, reminds me of :

they said they will enable back the server transfers when they fix it, and they have not done so in almost 2 years. i was on the stream and multiple people asked about whats going on with server transfer and funcom decided to ignore questions about it.

so i will say based on my experience, they will enable it on siptah only if they feel it is profitable for them to do so. lets hope for the best but i will prepare for the scenario that it never show up in siptah.

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