Needed in game stuff

I think a better tool for admins of servers would be a better tool for destroying abandoned buildings, an in game text chat would be nice too, be nice to set thrills and pets as passive or aggressive and it would be nice to have a dlc with furniture such as weapon racks, cushioned chairs, art, medium gates. A build of tents or teepees might be fun.

Don’t know about anyone else but area big bosses would be nice. For example maybe a hydra or kraken in the waters in the swamp near buccaneers bay. Werewolf with wolves in north and Minotaur in desert as some examples. These bosses requiring large groups to take down, perhaps new recipes to create items unique to those bosses. Minotaur could give you a special skull helmet,just a thought. The snow could have a snow woman or yeti, lots ideas.

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This game is great and like any game so many people have thoughts on improvement of the game. The one thing I would really like to see , actually not see, is the hud. Give us the ability to toggle the complete hud on or off. This game is beautiful but the hud is to big and bright and at night just down right annoying. The sounds of hunger and thirst and blood edges is enough to tell me my status. Like the Hud dot, let us turn the hud off!

What platform are you guys playing on? I ask because on the PC version there is already in-game text chat (global, local/vicinity, and clan), and you can set a keybinding to hide or reveal the HUD.

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Xbox One

Oh damn, yeah that sounds pretty rough not having such basics. Sorry man. :frowning:

We’re you meaning like a monster dlc?

Yes, world boss types that spawn in and it takes a large group to defeat. Each world boss could give a unique recipe and the ingriedients are mostly farmed from them. Would make things interesting.

If they put in yet more damage-sponge massive hit point bosses that need groups to fight then they’d better find away to reward all who fought him …its tedious and annoying to invest time killing something to get ONE reward only aka single skeleton key
… so on the current damage-sponge world bosses …no motivation to join up with non-clan on the server to bring them down. I wouldn’t even ask knowing that they’d spend a lot of time helping for a share of the resources harvested …which they could have gotten ten-fold in the same time harvesting something else. And that is of course if you would trust non-clan to not “steal” the reward away from you … and if they put in as much time and effort as you to kill what right does one player have over the other??

Unless they make a system of grouping for fights which yields a reward for all in the group or have a quest-like system where you can “hand-in” killing a boss for a reward I don’t see why people would want to band together to kill it.

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