Needs a balance pass

Some things going on make no sense, as in effort=reward.

I fought a 3 skull bear for 12-15 minutes and it doesn’t drop a key. It dropped 8 Alchemical base, some fur, bearskins and scrap meat. Next time I see one I’ll just ignore it.

My level 17 Fighter 3 thrall gets killed in 15 seconds. I wandered through the Settite ruin north of the map center tower thingie and was suddenly swarmed by 12 or more skeletons. I wasn’t interested in fighting them and immediately withdrew when I saw the hordes of them rushing at me. However companion thrall gets killed before I am 100 meters away? That’s some real cheeze there. Give thralls more hitpoints if that is to be the challenge and have them run when you tell them to instead of acting like they are stuck in glue.

The above also extends to the original Exiles map because the same changes affect those thralls except in this case it only takes 5 Cimmerians about 30 seconds to kill a level 15 named companion. I think the problem is the nerfs to companion thralls and the buffs to the NPC mobs, and then the new nerfs from Siptah are just too much nerf with no counter buffing. I think all thralls need more Hitpoints now that healing arrows are essentially gone. The grind to level the thralls is just too high to have them dropping like files the moment you are not looking.

Also, the wild surges need to have a chance to drop named thralls and higher thralls. I need something to do besides raid these dungeons over and over. Otherwise players will just ignore the wild surges since why would you collect level 1 thralls?

Removing the healing qualities of food removes most of the value of the Survival attribute and a good portion of the Health attribute’s value. How do you propose to revamp these attributes to fit the new healing system better?

Those are the core imbalances I am seeing. Thanks though, of course!

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Man, that’s the weirdest boss I ever fought in Conan Exiles: looks like a bear, moves like a cat, tanks like a UC boss, hits like a pillow, doesn’t drop anything special.

Yeah, the way path-finding work is … well, it more often doesn’t. Some of it is probably level design, some of it is probably AI code, but I think the biggest culprit is that the server FPS is almost never at 30. The best I’ve seen is around 23, but most of the time it’s either in single digits or teens. When the server FPS is low, the AI gets starved and you get tons of “follower can’t reach that location” or whatever the exact words of the message are.

Having said that, please, pretty please, don’t solve this by making followers into huge tanks again.

I respectfully disagree. At best, I think they should give T2 crafters a chance to occasionally spawn in wild surges, but definitely not T3s and named. They probably should improve the spawn rates for T3+ in summoned surges, from what I’ve been reading.

It’s been discussed over and over and over, so I won’t repeat my arguments again, unless people decide to take this thread down that road.

I assure you, not all players ignore them, and they shouldn’t. One very basic reason is because T1 crafters are actually better than having none, but I know there are people who disagree with that and won’t be convinced. However, there are other, very valid reasons:

  • Wild surges don’t just spawn T1 crafters, they spawn T1-T3 followers. T3 followers are very useful.
  • When you kill NPCs from the wild surges, they have a chance of dropping recipes from the Exiled Lands. I don’t like this slot machine mechanic, but right now that’s how you get these recipes. This includes religions.
  • Surges are the only source of humans (apart from other players) and humans are the only source of souls that feed the religious shrines. I can’t speak for everyone, but I sure as hell won’t be summoning a surge just to collect souls. I would rather farm wild surges for that.

Can you explain this a bit? I find survival attribute extremely useful for its perks, but maybe that’s because I am more PVE-oriented. But I completely fail to understand how the new healing system removes value from the vitality attribute? (I assume you meant vitality, because health is not an attribute, it’s a stat.)

As an aside, they didn’t remove the healing qualities of food. Try experimenting with different foods. Cooked abysmal meat is much more useful than grilled steak, for example.


No it was epic flawless heavy armor. One of the Cimmerians was a Berserker, two others Fighter 3’s, plus a Taskmaster 1 and a Bearer 2. My companion was Syra Brenerhet armed with a flawless starmetal mace, 6000 HP’s, plus 17 melee damage. Basically she became stun-locked or froze and it happened so fast I could not even retreat.

The new patch for Siptah seems to have altered some of the mechanics for companion thrall combat, it’s different now and it extends to Exiles. On Siptah yesterday I paused to scroll up the chat box, just afew seconds and suddenly I was crushed to the ground by a Rotbranch boss. No warning sound or combat music. Before I could get up and out of melee my character was killed and my companion was down to under 50 percent health. I got back as quick as possible and tried to get my follower to resume following, but could not reach him due the the Rotbranch’s collision box being in the way and was killed again on the second blow. Damage pauses if you are not present. Now with no armor I go back, but no way to reach my thrall and it has been some time now so I try to trigger my thrall to return home on it’s own (scouting) by logging out for a minute. But it died also.

Now what I am seeing over and over again is my thralls getting stuck on whatever has attacked me and not responding to commands to come to my location. When the thrall only has 1700 HP’s this can quickly become fatal to it.

So if all we are going to get is tier 3 fighters from the wild surges they will need more HP’s because after playing everyday since Siptah came out I have one level 10 Fighter III companion and that’s it. The other three died before reaching level 17 in combats I did not instigate, but were instigated by the game AI in one way or another. Healing arrows start working again or more hitpoints to thralls Funcom. It isn’t working.

Must admit I’m having the same problem with pets. They seem to be very bad at fighting currently (pet feral dog fighting a feral dog seemed to only attack once for every three to five attacks from the enemy, same with a pet Lacerta fighting a croc) and they seem to take a lot more damage a lot faster. Against even just tier1 thralls they appear to be dead meat even with a few levels on them. Under five seconds from full health to dead fighting a single t1 thrall (while I was killing the other two) after a couple of hours of levelling up with me doing all the work. Doesn’t really feel worth the time investment…


I still say have the wild surges drop named thralls occasionally. Lot’s of soloists in Exiles/Siptah, by default you start solo. Many stay that way by choice or circumstance and they will not have access to the leyshrines.

On the Official PvP server I play on solo players will be killed and driven off from a leyshrine. Players don’t say hello there, they chop your head off or more likely run you down on horseback with a lance and then steal everything from you. It’s really hard to even get to star metal let alone activate a Leyshrine. Maybe when populations are lower and there are not so many beewats. Sheesh there is this one clan that has walled off 4 quadrants of the map right next to one Leyshrine, but outside the storm of course. Yes, 4 complete quadrants where the huge parallel ridges are.

Have to say, none of the players who had bases in my area last week are still playing. Their huge bases are all decayed and dust now.

If they died being stun locked, more HPs is not going to solve the issue.

The thrall AI needs to be more aggressive. The NPCs out in the wild are better fighters. Once you tame one, it’s like most of that goes out the window. They become very timid fighters and lack intensity.

Have you tried giving your companion a shield? Even if they stand there blocking attacks, and die anyway, they will last a lot longer.

Try a one handed axe, shield combination? I dunno, I’m not saying it will help much but maybe give you more time to do something. Thralls are anemic right now. Not much you can do for them when they get surrounded.

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Have you tried giving your companion a shield?

I gave my thralls shields until they started blocking my attacks on enemies. Now none of them get shields. That will teach them to stop me from killing that boss! :wink:

You might not want to do that just yet :wink:

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