Companions die too fast now

Yep, heavy flawless armor, 5000 HP’s, food, in Exiles. Dead in 10 to 15 seconds of a challenging battle. Healing arrows do squat now so you can’t save them. I am counting 100 HP’s per healing arrow when not in combat.

Problem comes from making the game more and more challenging in Exiles and then dumping the Siptah changes on top of that. Balance is gone. Takes too long to get and train good companion thralls only to have them die as soon as you are distracted.

Also, harvesting is, and leveling seems to be 1x, not 2x on Exiles PvP servers, but 2x on Siptah PvP. I thought the change was supposed to be to PvE and PvE-C going to 2x?

Anyway, buff thrall healing I guess is best solution, or max HP’s. It’s not working.


Yep, plus the bug is back when they refuse to fight and wont draw their weapon. I had a level 12 Zerker, in epic heavy, just stand there and let Liam beat him to death. He was set to attack all, melee, 30 meters. I cant even imagine doing a dungeon now with a thrall. Put 50 steaks on them and its gone in a few fights.

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