Fighter III # 11, all dead before level 20 to npc mobs

I think your balancing is way off because all my Fighter III companions in Siptah die before level 20, so I have none at the moment even though I have been playing Isle of Siptah since it came out. The one I lost today makes 11. They always die to the OP animals and one skull animals or mob swarms. Your changes to how companions heal and healing arrow nerf was not countered by a lowering of damage done by the NPC mobs, nor by buffing companion hit points. So I am calling the game broken. Assuming it is intended that your companions survive ordinary NPC mob fights.

3983.4 hours of pvp game time.

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This is pretty much what everyone said was going to happen when a minority of people came on the forums complaining that the game was too easy… when they had a top tier thrall with all the best weapons, armor, and healing.

So now the game has been made challenging for people with top tier thralls and all the best equipment. Until you get there, you get it rough.

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I am not entirely sure what you are doing but I hope you did your research on each tribes preferred attributes such as North-east (black hand, aquilonian etc) start with accuracy, north (vanir loysing, aesir etc) start with strength…

None of my vanir/dogs of desert t3 fighters/archers have died to minibosses. Honestly speaking, the pacing is good because if you can beat end game stuff with wild surge t3 thralls then what is the point of summoning surge etc?

The only time i lost a massive amount of wild surge thralls or non-greater pets is while farming 3 skull maelstorm bosses, but that is to be expected.

On a side note, what food are you giving them? The best foods are bugged right now and dont always provide a healing bonus so If i were you, stick to gruel for their food.

Nah, balancing is bad. Siptah is overflowing with high damage animals and bosses, but we get T3 thralls from the Exiled Lands. Should they be as good as T4 named thralls? No, but they don’t have the hit points needed for the Siptah map and the current healing mechanics. And I am not fighting 3-skull bosses. As for summoning a surge, that’s for clans. Do that solo and you get run off and probably lose all your stuff. You would on the servers I play on.

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I don’t know about that… been farming t4 surges on pve-c for well over a week now. Have almost all t4 crafter except for armorer (most elusive one) and it is defi itely not easy as solo but it can be done.

On the new map, I tried on a pvp server first but you can forget that as a solo player (unless you are really into masochism). I agree that siptah end game seems mainly for clans but on my pve-c server we have a friendly community that help each other doing surges or maelstrom boss farm without being in the same clan :blush:

Also wild surge are really the bottom of the thrall hierarchy on siptah. If i were you, do the t3 summoned surge (400 essence) get a couple t3 thralls from there and you are good to go. Summoned surge thralls are exponentially better in every way compared to wild surge.

I’ve not had an issue with a T3 thrall, but then again I don’t let them tank the bosses for me. I do that myself. They’re there for extra damage.

Though someone mentioned foods being bugged. I’ve been using Cooked Steaks. Don’t know if that makes a difference.

Are you feeding, gearing and raising your thralls right? I have no issue playing solo on both siptah and the exiles map. If you are new to the game is understandable, I did struggle when I first started.
I advice you to:

Be cautious when discovering new land.

Always keep a bedroll in hand to place it down quickly before combat or if you engage in unwanted combat.

Running away as fast as possible makes your thrall teleport to you and avoids being killed.

I also recommend using a shield and try to get the aggro from the mob you are fighting so your thrall can do the damage.

Keep your thrall’s inventory with food all times for passive healing.

Learn which enemies you can take on early and which ones you can’t.Specially in Siptah, almost every corrupt animal is very dangerous at early levels.

Also keep in mind that this game is a survival game not a single player game that holds your hand through the story. You must learn to survive, to counter and outsmart your enemies. Tier 3 thralls should be temporary until you get a good surge, greater animal or high level gear and weapons for your thrall. I recommend the saber tooth, mountain lion and wolf for animal companions.

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