Nekhet Empire Adult R.E.Howard RP PvEC looking for players!

[SOG] Nekhet Adult RP is looking for more players. We are an RP server that strives to create an authentic and immersive experience strongly based on Conan lore. 18yo+ ONLY

RP is text based to keep players accountable, however voice RP is allowed so long as its transcribed to text later. RP is done on our discord Nekhet Empire Adult Rp (SOG)

We have a custom map, class system, and opt in server wide storyline. The server story revolves around the Nekhet Empire. Ruled by the Empress the empire seeks to stabilize the Exiled Lands forming a nation to rival those nation who seek to plunder their riches.

We have active Admins dedicated to providing quick and decisive problem solving. (Within the limits of server rules as the admin team are held to obey that which they enforce.)

Our server map is divided into several territories that can be claimed via a custom Settlement Rank system. Rulers of claimed regions become the Empress’ Imperial Senate. (political power the most fickle of mistress’)

The custom class system includes classes to fit any play style including merchant and mercenary. It also includes Prestige classes that can be attained by reaching the prerequisite classes and RP rank on the discord’s Activity Bot. Also players are granted a starter pack based on their starting class.

We have a custom economic system and admin shop as well. Every player is given a specified amount of Bronze Coins based on their class starter pack. Bronze coins can be used to purchase items from the admin shop or traded to other players. More Bronze Coins can be acquired by earning rewards for server events. (This system subject to change as the AoW treasure system is implemented.)

Due to limited RAM usage on older Xbox systems to be fair there are quite a few building rules in place to prevent structure spam and lag.

All in all we do our best to provide an exceptional RP experience free from toxic players and admin abuse. We take every Admin ticket submitted very seriously and do a thorough investigation before any action is taken.