Nemedian double wide gate

It would be so awesome if they could have a 2x2 gate for the Nemedian set. And then continue that for the other sets over time.

It would really make the ability for people to have smaller structures that don’t have to be absolutely massive but so you can still have the effect of a gateway for a castle. Just like the stormglass gate 2x2 they did which is awesome. I’ve used that in a pinch and tried to cover it up as much as possible with slopes and assets like vines but it still sticks out ……

Any chance we can see something like this? Far sooner drop money down for that than emotes I rarely use. Albeit some are cool like the continuous ones like Kata move … but I digress


Absolutely agree! One of my favorite, must have mods adds 2x2 gates for the base game sets. But since modders can’t touch DLC or Bazaar assets, there’s no adding 2x2 variations of all the other sets. 3-wide by 4-high is just too massive for most anything I want to build, even if I like the sets.

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in my opinion, every set should get a 2x2 gate
the doors are small and the current gates are unnecessarily large

and a shorter (and better looking) drawbridge would be useful


Totally agree and ya a smaller drawbridge would be perfect

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