Nerf freaking poison

10 stack queen poison will kill 800 HP character… without weapon damage

10 stack reaper poison can kill 800 HP character if you calculate in weapon damage…

Just take stone pike and keep stacking poison. Anyone without antidotes is screwed, if they don’t run away. If they have antidotes, keep spamming until they run out of antidotes.

Level 60 + stone pike + poison can kill any low skill - mediocre skilled player.

Make antidotes give 10 minute poison immunity.

Well that did not take long. The update has not even been out for 12 hours at the writing this and we already have people howling for more nerfs. At some point people need to learn to adapt.

So perhaps use antidotes, they are not difficult to procure. Then use them in conjunction with the dodge button.

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If you allow the enemy to apply a 10 stack of poison, you’ve done something horribly wrong…

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So the low skill and mediocre skilled players should git gud.

Seriously, I freaking suck at PVP combat, and somehow I never make my way to the forums to say that stuff that killed me should be nerfed.

Buff antidotes? Yeah. Nerf poison. No.

Although, 10 minutes? Come on. Even I can’t treat that seriously.

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Corrupted 15 vitality, immune to bleed and poison.


Plus they made crafting antidotes easier. You get 5 per heart.


…we have a chest on our server near the noob river where we dump our excess antidotes…



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