What do you think about removing/slowing down any form of antidote application from the game?

Why do I ask that?

Well, poison is heavily abused in PvP atm, be it reaper/queen poison or those perma poison weapons (OP Zath or Siptah Weapons *cough*)

Without antidotes, the Survival attribute starts to shine, especially 40 survival. So going with a low STR but high survival build instead will make you immune to poison whereas those, who run high STR builds or high ACC builds will be in trouble, when they are dealing with poison.

Another option would be to add a drinking animation to the antidote potions. This is not as “drastic” as my first suggestion, though it would go into the same direction.

Just a random thought from me. What do you think?


Conan world is not fair

Just get the sigil of the serpent instead.

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And here is the next thing that turns an attribute useless :wink:



I am on the animation
Like @drachenfeles said, I don’t want things to be removed from the game, I agree to the point that antidotes need animation too so it would be fair and wouldn’t hurt pve too.
The game is full of options, the existence of many options is only good, I can see nothing bad on it.
If I could suggest something here is the Queen scorpion venom should be more drastic, than the feroxic. Gaining the feroxic daggers recipe is not hard, same with venom infused, but applying the poison in daggers, especially on pvp is not so easy during the fight, that’s why I am saying this.


It is super easy. Any advanced user can create a program, script or macro to automate this process.


SendMode Input

	send {i}
	Sleep 500
	MouseClickDrag, Left, 120, 340, 1720, 1320, 100
	Sleep 200
	send {i}
	keywait, b

@stelagel is on PS4 no click and fix for us console player’s.


So the problem is 40 points to poison is so much invest meant that your vit or strength very nerfed that you die by basic attacks anyways.

Best goal replace 2nd survival with 3rd remove water one with poison and then 4th swap it with 5th one. The 5th one be u never die of hunger or thirst or even cold or hot will no longer kill you anymore.

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There are controllers for all the major consoles with macro capabilities.

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I’d love to lessen the PvP item grind by not having to grind antidotes. 40 pts is a steep investment though, I think 20 or 30 would be accessible enough for many PVP builds.


Thanks for letting me know, yet would this be fair?
For me it’s not, but thanks for letting me know :+1:t6:.

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i agree s9me. But the idea is not to be able to run 4 str, 4 vit 4 survival. it is a more defensive buils o believe in the idea of onvesti
there really should be 3 meta builds at least
or Srv. You could add 4th with Acc, but bows are hard to balance and FC has stated are more of a sidearm type weapon.

Vit should always be 3 min, so it 8s not really a meta build type imo.

I do like moving around the perks on srv, maybe 5th would be immune to all debuffs? Alot of investment should be rewarded.

Unfortunately I am going to have to decline your generous offer. This would be like a sledgehammer blow to singleplayer mode and online solo players. In regard to some content, singleplayer without a follower is teetering on the brink of viability now, thanks to damage magically teleporting aloe potions out of our characters stomachs. We do not have the luxury of having clan mates to guard us and draw aggro from NPCs while we play, heal up, and get rid of debuffs, it all has to be done on the fly. Having no recourse to heal outside of Survival perk 4: ‘Antidote of One’ would be a death sentence in numerous encounters. As @Ulyssi noted, a 40 points in Survival is an extremely steep investment, especially for singleplayers/solo players, who often need to perk up to Vtality 4 minnimum, and run high Strength or Grit on top of that in the build. ‘Removal’ is neither a sound nor well thought out solution to any issue. And frankly, there are better ways make the Survival attribute more appealing. For example, replacing some of its more useless perks, such as ‘Waste Not’. If you wish to play without antidotes, then may I suggest doing so on a dedicated private server instead. PvP is not the only consideration here, and the rest of playerbase should not have to suffer the fallout of such a change. Hard resounding no from me.


What does this one think?
Add a drinking animation with enough hyper armour that the poison damage doesn’t prevent it’s application?

On a personal level, it would heavily favour this one’s PvP style to lock those who live in fear into minimum 40 Survival builds…
Yes it would expedite their harvest for repair and such… But just thinking of the gnashing over the Feroxic Stat Tax is giving this one giggles.


Just another random thought . If removing antidote would it be fair to just remove poisons also since removing is fun ?

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Personally I prefer the ideas of moving the Survival perks around and giving antidotes an animation. Removing antidotes entirely means removing the Set potion’s ability to cure poison, and they’re one of the things in the game that makes most sense lore-wise and in terms of immersion and role-playing. It would just be lame. Like when ambrosia became just a food.

A few of other ideas, combined with a drinking animation:

Antidotes are immunizing, rather than treat poison. You drink your Set potion and you’re immune to poison for one hour or until death. This makes sense lore-wise too as the Set devotees are meant to drink the potions to build up immunity.

Antidotes only remove one stack of poison each? This would be OK for PVE since you don’t often get 10 stacks of poison from NPCs.

I also think antidotes of all kinds (except the Survival perk) shouldn’t affect poison gas. Only masks and the perk should immunize against it. This makes more options, leads to more use of gas arrows in PVP, and you can’t counter both poisoned blades and gas with just one item.


sounds dumb

Antidotes should have an animation too, just like healing pots.

I know, the following idea would make Survival even less important (not sure how much, because points in SUR themselves reduce the duration of negative effects on players/followers already), but I find poison glands are waaaaay too abundant.
So, instead of the dozens we got from a single sand reaper mob - not even the bosses, I would say reaper/queen poison glands should be 1 piece/animal, just like scales of dagon, or religious human parts.

And I still don’t understand why daggers apply 2 stacks of secondary effect, whether it be feroxic/venom-infused or outer dark, or just generic ones with poison applied to them?

Edit: this is purely based on Single player experiences, I don’t know how would it affect PVP.


Well there are not many creatures or NPCs that apply poison in PvE. If for example all the black hand NPCs would apply poison because they coat their weapons with poison then I would say that this change would heavily affect PvE, but the few enemies that apply poison are easily kiteable and you can just wait out the poison and then apply healings.

I understand that straight up removing antidotes is too harsh. But adding a drinking animation just like aloe potions seems a good way to balance attribute builds.

Survival already reduces the length of poison. So slowing down the application of antidotes would make this attribute more viable. Getting the 4th perk is just the tip of the iceberg.

I am getting bored of seeing the same 50 VIT, 40 STR Silent Legion light builds with Zath spear every wipe or encounter. It eventually boils down to who is carrying the most anitdotes.

Then you would nerf poison in the game. Just like they did with bleed. I still want poison to be deadly.

Again this would boil down to who has farmed the most antidotes and carries the most in a fight.

Well this would buff perma poison weapons even further, like the Zath spear.