Never ending Purge what never starts!

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Germany

Hi folks,
Ive got one big issue with the purge on my server. One player have got a perment purge that starts and directly stopped. Nothing happend. No NPC spawning no nothing and the purge bar is always full.
What can i do?

thx for answering


If this is your own server I would double check the server settings. Perhaps turn off then turn on after restart. Purge is actually working properly on my server lately.

i will control the settings a second time but i dont change anything. The problem begans with the newest update!

Hello @Pitty, welcome to the forums!

Can you share your current purge settings with us?

What is the area the affected player is located in, and what type of purge is he getting?

Does the issue persist after resetting the purge settings to default and issuing server restart?

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