Purge never starts

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I mostly play offline due to that massive Problems in Online, but I’d really like to test my Base against a Purge. But no matter what Settings I try, the Purge never starts. The Purge Bar gets filled, but nothing happens. Does anyone have working Purge Settings for Offline Mode? Or any other Hints? Thanks in Advance!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

In official online server 3530 the purge meter HAS to be between the two white lines. Fill your purge meter to this, wait between the times of 6pm and 8pm and leave your base periodically between these times. A purge will happen. I believe the purge settings are set to happen in this 2 hour window to give players the best chance of being online to defend the purge.

Turn off build during purge so far has allowed purges to work on my rented server we went 2 weeks with a full purge bar