*NEW* 50 slot pvp server -- Dogs of War (no gods) | rules & server info inside


General Rules:

  • No cheating or exploiting
  • Trash talk is fine, but racism and low level bullying is not allowed
  • Max clan size is 10 players.

Building Rules:

  • No bases allowed in the volcano
  • No blocking of obelisks, Points of Interest, major passages, or resources
  • No foundation spam around your base
  • No Avatar protection (God Bubbles)
  • No vault spamming. Vaults have to be inside of a player’s base. Raid vaults allowed.

Raid Rules:

  • NO SPAM BUILDING DURING RAIDS, eg foundation/wall spamming on defense. If you want to make your base defensible, design it that way
  • Defensive trebuchets can be built during raids
  • The clan that is being raided cannot start repairing until after the raid is over
  • Raid vaults allowed, but must be taken down after the raid is finished

Server direct join –
Discord: https://discord.gg/BQrWCUp

A kind of purest, “hardcore casual” server. XP, Harvest, and all other settings are set like official servers (except no gods). Created mostly to combat the random blocking of everything on official servers.

Rules can be suggested/added/removed/changed with community vote, if enough people join. Hope to see everyone there.