New Anti-Stacking Fence Foundation Limits in TestLive 2.8

Oh, LOL… sorry about that! Is it understandable to you now though? If not, just ask and I can try as I might to clarify whatever it might be…

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Good to see this . Warms my heart to see this. <3


@Community This is definitely a bug that needs to be fixed!!!

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Bug(s) - Plural!

But the one you’re replying to was only my type-o and is now fixed.

MOST Hardcore PVPers play a nomad lifestyle. Vaults are the current PvP meta. It takes a lot more to blow a vault than to blow into a 2 layered hidey hole.

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Thank you @TeleTesselator, @erjoh and @The7thCrest for bringing this to our attention.
We’ve passed this over to the rest of the team for further investigation.


When that was originally posted it was replied to by a dev saying it wasn’t an exploit. What changed? lmao.

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@CodeMage can tell you dates, I think he’s got the relevant posts bookmarked. But from listening to him talk about it on other occasions, it seems like about 5 or 6 months ago Funcom officially denounced stacking and proclaimed it an exploit - reversing their previous position on the topic.

And about 3 months ago they started a stricter regiment of enforcement across all official servers.

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That IMO needs a lot of speculation I’m not willing to participate in. I guess they’ll figure it out. Some things are already being done for balancing.

As for gods, I don’t think it matters either way. I watched a massive mega-base with stacking to the hilt everywhere, crumble to dust from just one properly placed god and a few user bombs - maybe 10. So if that’s able to fall then there’s nothing we can do to defend from it now. And my guess is that this was intended to be part of the gameplay. What, mankind’s puny structures can withstand the rath of gods? Ha! :slight_smile:

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I really do think that ‘bases should be impregnable’ is no longer a meta. Static defenses, without player intervention, are probably not going to be viable.

Now if offense is that much of a huge issue, I would expect to see explosives (except for explosive traps) end up with a decay timer. Which, considering that TNT can weep nitroglycerin, would be pretty accurate. And if it’s a real issue, they’ll disallow putting it preservative boxes.


Nerf avatars? They aren’t that great anyways against T3. You have to get two back to back to get anywhere so lets not nerf avatars more. Bombs? Yeah…way to powerful. However I believe we should lower HP on doors as well as bombs. How the heck does my T3 4 inch door have four times the hp of a 6 foot sandstone foundaiton?

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First they said it wasn’t, then later they changed their minds.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone and anyone is allowed to change their minds. But when it comes to something that may result in getting banned, it’s better to communicate clearly about it, instead of leaving it buried in a thread with 100+ posts that no one will ever find…


Well I called it in a previous thread on a different forum account.

Stacking would be next on the chopping block.

god it feels good to be right but also so bad. I really pity the state this game is going towards. sigh


I’m calling it now: ceiling stacking is the next to go.


i’m surprised it isn’t included in 2.8 haha

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I still have faith ceiling stacking will be ignored because of the HP of the building pieces and the fact that very limited amount of folks actually do it.

HOWEVER if they will do it it’s not about the stack distance like fence foundations…they will just remove the 1/8 fence foundation lowering

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It might just have been removed… I haven’t tested yet… I think I will check in the next little bit…

And door stacking maybe too…

If they decide ceiling stacking is a problem that needs to be removed, I really hope they won’t remove the 1/8th drop, but rather check the distance between two ceilings. That would still allow us to “laminate” floors, but remove the ability to abuse the technique for PVP.


Well, what they’ve done for fences in the first go here is pretty clumsy - so I wouldn’t get your hopes up. It’s still early into 2.8 though so I may be speaking too soon…

@Foggy & @CodeMage might be interested to know…

Yes indeed… Ceiling stacking is gone. Can’t do it. But the 1/8 drop feels like they will maybe keep it in. It’s there now anyway. A little broken, but there.


Can you still “laminate” the floor by putting a ceiling right on top of a foundation? Sorry for asking you, but I can’t test it now because I still haven’t finished downloading TestLive (and I can’t dedicate bandwidth to that while I’m connected to my work).