New Asagarth insta-repopulating when left

I’m not sure if it’s considered bug or WAD, but at least some other places (like The Den) don’t seem to have this problem. Issue is that when going for New Asagarth, as soon as I go out of it the length of the entry path (on the city end guarded by fighter+archer+2 wolves), everyone respawns. So the only way to clear the village is to do it in single push, and it’s very sad if I found more than one thrall suitable for recruitment there as it’s very painful to get them out, more or less only way is to rope all of them near exit of the city so I won’t have to fight through all the city again just to pick them up. My NPC respawn multiplier is at 10x (so should be very slow).
The good thing at least seems to be that incapacitated thralls don’t insta-despawn, even if new one pops up on their spot.

Are you playing SP or on a server? SP is buggy when it comes to respawns, but on officials the timer is @ 15 minutes. Privates have it set based on owners descretion, and that may make them spawn “quicker”.

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@lllib I had respawning rate at ten on my ps4 server. People asked me to set it back to 1 because of that problem . I thought afaster respawns would be good . Until I was informed they could not clean out a npc base

It’s single player.

Respawn 10 should not make it faster but longer, 10x longer.
Though of course that does not rule out that bug could be related to multiplier. I’ll try setting it back to 1.

Sometimes it means 10 times as fast. Each slider is different i have found. So to slow it down, try .1. See what that does. Would love a wiki directory on the sliders and what each direction actually does…

Been like this since release, Its pretty much 90% respawn. If your super quick, you can often get back before some in middle respawn, but by time you often push part way, the peeps at gate have already popped.

I’m kinda use to it by now, dash in check a few spots and get out before they re-pop. lol

If I play farm the place, your in for long haul XD, be ready to hide behind few of buildings the AI has issues with. xD

My server is ps4 possible choices on gportal site are different than pc. Good Luck to you.

It’s not just New Asagarth that does this, but I can’t pinpoint exactly what causes the rapid respawn. I have a darfari camp near my base in my SP game (Cannibal’s Rest) and they will respawn literally immediately after I clear them out, even when I’m right there. I sympathize with how annoying it can be.

Its a single player specific issue and it’s not just New Asagarth. Its how the single player world is rendered. Nothing can really be done about it, you move a certain distance away, and it tells the game to unload those assets. Go in closer, they respawn everything that’s supposed to be there.

Its an intentional design so your computer or console doesn’t need as much performance to run in single player.

For PC, the fix is to run a solo private server off of your machine or extra computer in the house.

Just tested it with 1 and still the same.

Does not seem to be constant through the versions… Unless I’m recalling behavior from multiplayer. It’s kind of silly though, if the solution is to run server privately then what’s the point of not allowing it as a slider for singleplayer? Of course you can’t speak for developers so it’s mostly rhetorical question… Thanks for comment anyway. And yea was super annoying as I saw named tanner near stormwatch, thought about kiting him and one other guy away, but at some distance they just despawned and when running back there was just T1 tanner.

Not everything can have a “slider” option. When the very foundation of single player versus how a server is rendered in the game world is completely different, a slider isn’t exactly going to be an option.

The developers used several tricks in order for lower end (and consoles) to support the game as a single player option, this is just yet another example of those tricks in action. If your computer can handle it (as a multiplayer server but just for you), you can set it up as a server. Most higher end machines with a good amount of RAM and a nice CPU to back it up can handle both the game and the server just fine.


Have a look here Thralls dissappear when chasing you (Replaced upon return) it’s pretty much what we have been talking about with dahlen.

It’s as multi said, it’s a SP mechanic.

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Is anyone currently successfully running server locally and the game client? The guide says this used to be possible but no longer works…
Tried to run the game but could not find any server, and then when tried direct connection to the game crashed. So I guess I won’t be running the server for foreseeable future.

I’m running the server and client on the same machine and it works just fine. If you have Steam running when you start the server it will pop up 4 error boxes, but you can just hit OK.

The server is available from the Steam client under tools.

On another note, while running the server I’ve noticed that the thralls in NA seem to wake up much faster than in any other place. If it’s just me and a thrall knocking people out, sometimes people at the entrance will be standing up just as I finish knocking out the last people in town. This is a different issue than being out of range in single player.

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