NPCs are quickly respawing

I’m playing single player and I keep going to camps and if I take my eyes off a NPC and they go back to their spot by the time I get over there, it’s a different NPC.

For example, I saw a named bearer in a camp but there were to many on me at one time so I ran right outside the camp and by the time I got back in, the named bearer turned into a level 1.

I didn’t find anything in the settings to change this or I don’t know if there is something else I need do. If those aren’t the cases, can this be fixed? I’m loosing good thralls because of this and I’m trying not to cheat.

It’s not a bug it’s single player when you leave a area or the rendering distance the ai automatically respawns the as something else but practically every gets de rendering as a server can handle things on its time but your time is only affects around your character thus they respawn once you travel to far and has to reload the area as you get to it where as a server takes like 30 minutes to respawn npcs

That makes me want to cheat

The game like most can’t hold info like that with out a major crashes or performance problems

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