Thralls dissappear when chasing you (Replaced upon return)

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This is a bug I reported a few months ago, however - I now have a video covering one major aspect of it.

1: Go to New Asagarath (video shows exact map location)
2: When running away from Thralls - once they are out of sight, even slightly with a hill blocking the view, they disappear.
3: They literally are gone - and replaced by another thrall

note: If you look at the ground, you will see dead bodies that still have not gone away - yet those that chase you, and are not killed, simply vanish.

  • In the video you will see me:
  • run up and attack a thrall outside the gate
  • run away - and watch them disappear
  • return to see a new thrall
  • (Still see dead bodies on the ground from previous kills)
  • The last fight, I kinda circle around, and have three thralls chasing me… (all disappear)

What was NOT shown in the video is part two to the glitch (just didn’t think about testing it, as this is an old glitch) - but if you go slower, they should be able to follow… (some, one may still walk away or completely disappear)

  • Having said that, if you do kill one outside that range (i.e you slow down and they follow you past where you see me run to) they will disappear on death before you can harvest them. (usually slipping into the ground)

  • Also, if you go down the plateau, away from New Asagarth - there is a large Stag you can kill for its meat, or trophy head… two spots you can farm him… BUT, you can have him chase you up the plateau, across it - he wont go down the other side - however if you do go down by the water and back up… he wont disappear, but will wait for you.

  • to be clearer about the above, I actually crossed back over the plateau - after being followed by the STag, didn’t see him respawn, came back, and he was just wondering around waiting for me by the edge where my house was. lol!

Video of Thralls disappearing

One other bit that makes this one area odd…

  • In the city proper (New Asagarath) the thralls will still be there if you leave and come back.
    i.e You kill some thralls, yes they will respawn if you leave (even briefly climbing over the fence), but the named thrall will still be there - not so with the location shown in video.

This issue affects both towers on this plateau (not including the middle tower where the boars are)

Hey @Dhaylen

That’s an odd one. We’ll send note to our team about these New Asagarth abduction mafias to see if they can put a stop to it.

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Single player is special in the way NPCs will despawn/respawn as soon as you go far enough from their spawning cell, which is not the case when playing online ofc.

For example if you go in new asagarrth and have a look at what’s in there, turn back and run to the first camp located a bit on your left after the entrance of asagarth you will notice that all npcs of asagarth will have despawned/ respawned.

The thing is, it’s hard to be sure how big or how little a cell of the map is, as they seem to have different sizes.
For example, in the volcano you’ll have to go really far away to make them respawn.

A the mounds of the deads you’ll only have to go to ne nearby woods to get the respawn.

This can be used in a cheesy way in SP but it has its downsides, named npcs can disapear if you go too far away before knocking them out.

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@roro4066, that seems to be what’s happening, for the most part.

Some points that are inconsistent with how the system works, that Ive noticed.

  • You mentioned that they disappear faster, depending on the size of the cell
    (Makes perfect sense)

  • However:
    a: I have noticed that it is inconsistent on how far they can follow - and when they disappear.
    i.e. If I go slow enough, they will follow me further - up to a point, and then disappear from there.
    (But - as seen in the video - if fast enough - they will disappear at the allotted space given them.)

To be clearer - There seems to be two points that they can disappear from.

  • b: Those in camp, however, will all respawn just by slightly going out of the ‘first’ boundary box/cell (Not the second - ie. the point where they follow further if you are slow enough.) And those in the city only if already killed.

The issue with this, as that even this is inconsistent (i.e. the video location vs. New Asagarth - in the former the whole camp is reallocated npcs - not so in the city, necessarily.)

  • One thing that really sticks out are the dead bodies that stay there… in the city, or anywhere.
    They kinda pile up (unless you ‘clean up’) Should it not disappear and refresh? (Would help visually, and feels kinda wonky)

  • The human npcs are very unique with this. As I believed I mentioned, I can have a stag chase me across the plateau, hang out - after I went even further down the opposite side of the valley, and still wait for me. (Much further than any human npc)

Granted some animals will follow you for a long distance, hyenas being relentless… lol

Eitherway, thanks for the post - it does make sense, about the boundary boxes, and their limits.
I do wish that it was a bit more clean, the whole thing - as well as the dead bodies that just hang there for awhile.

I would say, as a single-player - that I wish admin panel would allow the time to be set on how fast they respawn, etc. (I cant get through the whole city without them respawning… role-playing, kinda a buzz-kill having it already filled out by the time I leave… but its all good.)


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They do pile up because the spawn goes faster than it should be. ON an online server, when you kill an npc the corpse stays there untill the respawn is close to happen , then you first see the corpse disappearing and being replaced by a loot bag ( when you see the loot bags popping it means the respawn of the npcs is very very close to happen ) and this is as consistent as it can be.

So all that to say when things go as they are supposed to, you Don’t have those corpses piled up as everything is very well cycled. It is those “instant repawn” that messes the cycle up.

Personnaly i Don’t think it’s a bug it’s just that in sp, everytime you enter a cell everyting is freshly spawned whereas online everything is like it was the last time someone left this cell.

What i hate is those random visually disappearing corpses when you loose sight of them, it’s very frustrating when you want to loot everything and this happen on both SP and multi if i recall correctly.

Yes there are some inconstencies, but there are also very precise mechanics that will happen 100% like the very point where you’ll make an entire camp respawn everytime you step there.

Anyway i wish you good fun and keep on giving feedback to the dev team, they need it.

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