New building DLC

You have previously said that you will not publish any more building pieces. Simply put; why not, if you can make money from it?

You could publish a “Home Improvement DLC”, with new building pieces as requested by the fans and loyal players. Many wish for a 45 degree angled foundation, and a 120 degree foundation would also help with building. There could also be trapezoid foundations to complement a shift in pattern where a combination of wedges meet normal square foundations. Naturally, there must be corresponding ceiling and roof tiles. Or you could simply add a diagram/sketch system where tiles are “filled out” in blank spots to cover up ugly holes in the floor and ceilings (this needs additional programming though, but I’d gladly pay for it).

There are endless mods that add placables that people want in the game, which you could place in a new DLC. Including the possibility of overriding clipping (perhaps an admin choice?). One such feature mentioned recently is allowing fences to be angled and clip to stairs.

As a new feature you could add in such a DLC, is completely new building sets. The current tier 1 building should perhaps be an upgrade from wooden or straw huts. So that straw huts could be tier 1, wooden building pieces toer 2, basic stone pieces tier 3, etc. There could also be alternate paths in construction theme -so that you could have a tier 2 wooden building piece instead of stone tier 2. Naturally, there would be different feats, where wooden buildings cost less than the stone buildings.

So there is no point in stopping, if you could publish a new DLC and earn more money from it.

itd be nice, but at least plz more drawbridges,chests,elevators, various colored neutral temp interior walls.

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I don’t know about different foundation / roof tile shapes. I’ve never had a problem.
But I have had friends mention their frustration.

I would agree about sloped fencing, and different skinned tier 1 & 2 and more bridge, chest and gate styles.

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