New changes about THRALLS EFFICIENCY after march 2019 patch

@Kapoteeni I personally find they work better with a spears from inside the ground. The extra reach seems to make them less derpy. On a related note, don’t give them daggers to use on Mama Dragon. I guess the hit box of the daggers is too small for them to reach her attack point, so the thrall just stands around watching Mama eat you.

@Lanessar Which snake boss are you referring to? The one I side the Citadel? I find it to be remarkably easy to kill with a Captain using a 2H sword.

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Temple snake boss in the unnamed city.

Yeah, as the second most powerfull thrall in the game and her specialisation in 1 H weapons dalinsa is hands down the big winner here.

Moreover you’ll probably notice that any 2H specialized Thralls will even sometimes “bug out” with a truncheon (they will Simply stare at their target doing Nothing). This has happened many times with berserk or lvl 3 fighters while dalinsa has Always remained as pure as the snow in that matter.

So thank you Lanessar for your big contribution, it had to be said.

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sigh now I need to go and capture some Dalinsias don’t I? Well I was going to go up there for hops seeds anyway I guess…

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i see many players wondering about thralls and boss fights.

Thralls are OP for this task, so Don’t be shy and go for it, you will be amazed…
They can take way way more than any player will ever do
They can dish out more damage than any player will ever do

And you can Always make them teleport if Something goes wrong (like the AI bugs out or if the fights turns to be very unlucky) by running far away.

  • Give your thrall the best heavy you have access to.

  • Give him the best spear/ 2 H great sword you have. A Big Hammer can be fun too, everyone should have tried that out imo.

And Don’t forget to use upgrades on those gear pieces of course.

Now your follower (assuming it’s either a captain or a t4 volcano) can kill pretty much any boss in the entire game and clear any dungeon as long as you help him a minimum ( managing the aggro is the key thing )
Just Don’t bring him in the volcano’s inner dungeon, but black keep, midnight grove, frost temple….are very good for him.

The only boss that might be able to kill your follower is the GIANT ROCKNOSE KING located between sepermeru and muriela’s hope.
We went there with 3 players, 1 janos and 1 daicas and ONLY DAICAS survived with around 2 K hp left.

Don’t hesitate to ask a any question for one specific boss for example, i’m sure someone here will tell you everything you need to know.

Have fun guys


Ain’t that the truth. Brought my Vathis to the Well of Skelos last night. The moron decided to take a dive in a lava lake, wearing a full set of epic flawless heavy armor. And I was totally up for “employer of the year” too, what with feeding my thralls lobster during training and all that. At least workers comp is not really a thing in the Exiled Lands.


As one that really have enjoyed thralls and their abilities for a long time i find this information useful and good.

Right now as i have just returned to the game i have a lot to catch up on, thereby the thrall would be a great help.

How about healing arrows, lets say inside unnamed city and soloing there, will the healing arrows help at all, will they heal the boss too?

Or do you say that we dont really need it as the tier 4 fighter vill manage without?

I dont have a captain, for now i use my good and trusty berserker in full cimmerian steel wielding a dragonbone 2h.

Point is that i would like a possibility to get those new recipies and will have to get em solo without all the best gear for now.

Even tho i get sick of running arround in the dark, usually i cant see much inside unnamed city, thats to bad.
So when i go i want to be sure i dont loose him, as it is a long run to capture dalinisa or a new berserker at this point in my game on this server.

Anyways, good information.

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I can do a full City clear with a Cimm Berzerker in Epic Heavy armor. Just keep an eye on health and when a fight is over, if he’s below half, make sure to “rest up” at the archivist for 10-15 minutes.

I’ve never used healing arrows, because I always start a fight with more than half health on my 'zerker.

Now Captain… that’s the beauty. Captain has enough health to do nearly a full clear (again, Sword of Crom). Plus, he’s a guaranteed spawn. Just have five in reserve if you’re worried about it.

TL;DR: Just watch his health. Don’t start a fight with less than half health with a boss, and if he’s at half health, let him sit there and regen. I’m probably over cautious on half, but I haven’t lost a tank thrall to a boss fight as yet.

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Well, the point is that i dont have that sword yet, and i have heard it rocks.

The shorter the fight, the more hp the thrall have left.

So, thats why i am unsecure, as most people talk about this have that sword of crom on their thrall, and i have to use a dragonbone 2h.

That’s why I gave you my personal rule of thumb (even without that sword). Battle bosses until ~50%. Then rest. Don’t start a fight with less than half health on your thrall, and he shouldn’t die unless you either do something stupid, or just let the thrall do the whole battle while you sit on the sideline.

That’s exactly how i see things too. you Don’t need an OP weapon for that, any starmetal/obsidian 2H they get by default will do. Just Don’t forget to use an upgrade on it.

And speaking of speed, for those really interested in bearers because yes they are extremely usefull Indeed, a named bearer takes double the amount of time to kill a boss compared to a captain or a t4 volcano. Doesn’t mean he’s not able to solo it though… it’s just longer and he might barely survive with some taugh ones.

i have never gone for Healing arrows myself either, i have taken some as emergency kits but never had to use them. The only fight where i would have used them i was already long dead :smiley: .

One of my friend is using them very often though and it seems very efficient if you’re too “afraid to go in melee” and want your thrall to last much longer. Apparently your thrall will heal eventhough he is taking dmg.

You Don’t need to be lvl 60 with a captain or t4 volcano for the unnamed city. i went there around lvl 45-50 i Believe with a berserk. I was using daggers and dafari regular gear.

One good info for those who Don’t know yet : Now that the loot table from ennemies has greatly improved i advise you to clear the cimmerian camp (forgotten tribe) 2-3 times to get free complete epic cimmerian steel sets of armors for your thralls. This way you can give an armor rating of 680 to your follower. he will basically become THE BEAST

Don’t need to wait for level 60 to get epic armors now

Oh sorry hadn’t seen that one… i would personnally go for berserk eventhough dalinsa is stronger just because thralls are having a easier time taking the aggro and doing a good dps with 2 H.
of course 2 H Swords are best for dps but spears are better for your thralls to take the aggro as he will be able to catch up more easily when they are running around. Just choose your favourite, both are good imo.

@Fingah I have invested in healing arrows for my clears of the Unnamed City. The arrow releases a gas that only heals friendly targets, so you can shoot one at the boss and it will only heal your thrall. As Roro said, the heal doesn’t stop if they take damage, so you don’t have to wait for the fight to be over. I find that they heal for about 85 health per tick and I think you get 10 ticks per arrow.

Just wanted to post my link here, as i am starting to put together an updated Named Thrall Chart…

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If you’re lucky enough to find a Lifeblood Spear (or three, as I have…) you can use it to heal your thrall between fights, too. Just put it into his/her hand, let the spear do its trick (it takes only a few seconds) and you’re ready for the next fight. It’s so good I almost want Funcom to nerf it.

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