New Citadels are like eewa outposts on steroids

Using several mods, some items I’ve created and inspiration from eewa outposts and WvWvW keep caturing in MMOs I’ve played, I created “CITADELS” on my crom’s wrath server.

These are premade, capturable PVPVE installations that come packaged with PVE defenders that players not only defeat to claim the citadel (like outposts) but then control. Once a player accesses the citadel they determine how often and under what circumstances the PVE defenders spawn.
Within the citadels are mines that produce supplies for the owning player 24/7 as long as they maintain control over the citadel. And they can also enter into the mine itself. Each Citadels gives access to a special mine dungeon with rich nodes to harvest and special bosses to fight and unique new NPCs like “undead miners”.

Each citadel has a champion and a special theme, which is reflected in those PVE defenders. Your citadel could be defended by a giant Mummy, the order of Anubis and bands of relic hunters. Or your citadel may have a black yeti champion and nordheimer defenders for example.

The citadels come with all the base features someone would need including specially designed opened thrall wheels and open beds, vaults and more allowing the person controlling the citadel to use it as their base as much as they dare…because another player can come and try to take the citadel from you at any time.

You, with the help of the PVE elements you now control, must defend your citadel.


Thisn ooks interesting. This is one of the things i feel coupd drive a less toxic pvp. Might check it out.


Seriously cool.

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you are a f* genius!

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