New content... this... this isn't April Fools right?

I don’t believe it… Black Colossus… Testlive reopening… and posting this on April the first. Either a terribly cruel choice of date to announce this, or a terribly terribly cruel April Fools. (PLEASE let it be the former).


It’s the former. :wink:


Wow, I thought this was abandoned long ago.

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Any idea on how much FC points it will cost?

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Gonna stream any of it from home for those who can’t / don’t participate, or will that kind of thing be saved for official release in the future?


We won’t be streaming any of the test session ourselves but players are more than welcome to make videos, screenshots, and streams from their experience.


Is this only a test or is it here to stay? If everything works out fine?

Terribly cruel date but HUZZAH! :raised_hands:
Can we keep the Testlive up too? I miss it dearly :frowning:

Is the test live server only for premium gamers, or also for F2P gamers?

I cant login atm and im Premium

If my account has no slot available to make this new character for test play, will a slot be made available? I won’t have to delete an existing character to make the new one this Friday, right?

You do not need any free slots. Testlive uses its own character slots.

You need to setup a testlive client though to access the test

This is the intended behaviour. It is not possible to login right now


New content for Age of Conan. I cant belive my eyes. Havent been on testlive since 2016 and I never in my life think I would ever go there again. Well, I will be there on friday… Great news Funcom.

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Is it a new dungeon?

Fire up Testlive and find out tonight, or wait until further information is released!

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