[Video] Conan Exiles: NEW Testlive Update! Proof that this game is ready for release! (Kappa)



Roflmao! Well done sir!


the last patch killed me in vobshe - the graphics were killed bugs friezes lags and remained and this is a month before the release?


yea 1 month out and if its testlive or not, cant even play the game atm. hope this doesnt end up a mess at launch like age of conan was.


Seems like its a content lock now so they will give 100% on bug fixing now i belive. I have faith. Some bugs will be there but it will be ironed out rather quick when they not add more content for some time


Hope is all that we have! -)


The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior…


Doesnt help anyone to be pesimistic. If you dont belive in the product noone force you to use it.


I wish I could use the product!


The clapping guy hahahahaah!

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