New DLC time please

When does XBOX one get the new DLC Yamato’s to buy so can get katana.

Katana is part of the base game.

He mean the yamatai new dlc on Xbox one

Well the katana is there but it’s part of the yamatai dlc can’t craft it till dlc is released on Xbox

Hello everyone,
If Yamatai may be the next dlc,
If Yamatai is in conan lore an asian like nation with magical aspects
( Savage Sword of Conan 194)
And if the new weapon type-katana- is ready
Do you think there is any chance of seeing soon a sorcery system with the new dlc ?
Yamatai Dlc on live and sorcery on test live before Christmas ?
Have a nice day !

The Katana is not part of any DLC, it’s part of the base game in the latest patch (hit PC yesterday), it’ll be on Xbox shortly I’m sure but consoles always have a longer lead time on patches.


Just to clear any confusions about katanas and the ‘Yamatai’ content: Katanas are already live ingame and can be crafted by anyone regardless of DLC ownership (check them out under the Bruiser feat category, they’re pretty neat!).
The ‘Yamatai’ DLC content is showing ingame although the pack itself hasn’t gone up for sale just yet. Will be in the near future. It includes some variants and appearances for items, including katanas.


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I’m still not able to get katana without DLC have a green download arrow in corner of katana pic

Hi Silvercoon,

I am going to reuse a picture I uploaded on another topic that highlights where the katana should be. Please forgive my incredible Paint skills!

If it is still unavailable for you please let me know!


Thanks now I see it

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