New dlc with horses

why dosnt the horses and the stables equal same size why do they clip through the stables with the building blocks you think that the the building blocks for stable parts match the size of the horses so we would not have too build large ugly two story buildings for horses lol ?

I also put this as a support bug due to fact that if you accidently get on horse while its clipping in stable seems it lunch you into space or fall under the ground.

Nope, they’re the same size as standard walls. In fact I’m probably going to start using some of them in future house builds.

build the stable one wall high and put the small stable door in it. add wooden roof pieces and you will see that horse is so large that you cant ride into it. you actually have to use stand gaurd an place your horse into stable.

Sounds reasonable to me. Riding a horse into single-storey buildings doesn’t sound like something you should be doing, anyway.

The one thing i would like to see done on horseback is being able to open large gates without dismounting.


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