New Dungeons locations in the future

I waa windering if anyone knew where the new dungeons might be located/added. I found some building spots that have a lot of fun potential and I want to build. But I have heard of others bases being torn down by nodes being added. Or dungeons being added to the game.

There has been a trend where the last 2 dungeons. Jhebal and the Underwater city are off map and more of an instance than a physical location.

I have searched for the info. Have yet to really come across anything substantial.


While I can obviously guarantee nothing, I wouldn’t worry too much - the coming dungeons have been planned for a while, and I am fairly sure the entry to them (wherever that may be) will be in existing no-build zones.

The dungeons themselves will most likely live outside of the normally accessible part of the map (technically it’s the same map but there’s no way to reach it except from the dungeon entrance).

Interesting question though.

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Don’t build in/on/near:

  1. Deathwhisper Ruins
  2. Klaels stronghold
  3. Galamans Tomb

Didn’t they make Klael’s Stronghold a no-build zone? Or was that just a rumor? My main base is next door to it, but (rather on purpose) not IN it.

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They already changed the landscape around in one of the last patches. The base of one of our players was buried under new sand dunes at these times. :innocent:


about 3 months ago i think the redecorated the inside, and i think it is no build now.
There are still a few caves with door like endings that aren’t active. I have a feeling that is where the entrances will be added.


That matches what I remember, too, aye. Because I was considering putting a base there at the time, but decided not to (which was just as well, clearly).

yeah, we had a god harvest fridge in there for grinding our god tokens. Would make circular runs every 15 minutes for 70-80 of jhebal/set to mass farm 4 or 5 tokens. I miss the 125 heart days :(.

King’s niche was revamped with a new ‘entrance’ too.

This is all helpful especially the Kings Niche area which is a no build right? Near that door?

All dungeons are off map.

King’s Niche looks like it’s going to be Mysteries of Acheron dungeon entrance

Excellent to know. Very informative.

Thanks to everyone who replied. All very good information.

Much appreciated.

For previous dungeon’s locations, see the Media section on the dungeon pages. - see Locations (subsection)

If you would like to contribute any locations which are currently not added, feel free to do so.

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