New Follower Limit - Feedback thread

It most likely will be on by default. They have to implement it with some kind of default setting and that makes the most sense, given the purpose behind it. No reason to get upset about it. Just go switch it off when it comes if that’s your desire.

From the FAQ:
“It is technically a much more difficult task to do so because the stat system would need to be split into two separate progressions that would read from separate tables. Additional resources and time would need to be spent on maintaining both new followers and legacy followers. We felt our efforts were better spent on adding new content and systems into the game than spending those resources on legacy followers.”

Ok… that’s odd that’s the reason they use for not giving thralls already placed the new system as they did state that any unplaced thralls we have still in storage would get the new system if we place them after the update… there is a contradiction there if both them statements are right

I’m just concerned that given that this won’t be out for at least another 3 weeks, I’ll forget about this and won’t remember to change my settings, which will lead to some of my Thralls/Animals being deleted before I do realize.

But why does it need to be split into separate progressions? Why can’t the “legacys” just be upgraded to “new followers”? Do the new followers use a completely different coding, or do they just use the same coding but with a few extra bells and whistles? If it’s the same, then why can’t those bells and whistles just be added to the pre-existing placed followers, the same way it’s apparently going to be added to not-yet-placed pre-existing followers? And if it’s a completely different coding, then why can’t they just replace all pre-existing followers with a new code version that has the same appearance/skin and race/faction/tier details?

Or even better yet, given that pre-existing followers in storage will be auto upgraded to the new system when they’re placed, why can’t pre-existing placed followers be “de-spawned” in to a loot bag, with say a decay timer of 12hs, so that they can be picked up and re-placed and hence upgraded?

Unlimited Alpha clan power! You see limited thralls hurts defenses from Alpha Clan’s Attacks. Less defense equals easier raids. Making raiding easy.

A 3 person clan can have 65 guards. A really big base is a bad idea for 3 people (too much to defend) so 65 guards should be enough. Unless you want to place 200 pets outside, who I’m gonna poison in 5 minutes anyway.

Some big clans build bases so big 100 guards will be limiting. they will have to spread them out more or choose specific choke points, making you have to raid less.

It will also limit their ability to have multiple (well defended) bases. Even if they just have 2 bases they can’t have as many guards in each as you have in your one base.

The thrall genocide patch coming up. I think it’s being implemented very poorly. Because of this…

You really REALLY should implement this global thrall list BEFORE you start culling the thralls.

Some of us have been around for awhile, and have thralls & pets in forgotten locations, underneath the world, and who know where.

If I have 20 silverback apes inside a mesh I can’t touch, it’s just not cool that my follower limit essentially went from 55 to 35 - permanently. Because all followers we can’t reach are going to artificially lower our thrall limit below the already low limit.

Remote follower ‘break bond’ ability first.
Culling thralls second.


I also have a few Thralls that are just missing, they never died or came home just gone . so yeah I agree. You are putting the cart before the horse. and i would think mounts, dancers, and pack animals would not be added to the thrall count. or atleast have seprate limit for certain types for thralls.


They are all going to be inferior to the new levelable thralls. What’s the point in keeping them?

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Correct me if I’m wrong, it’s been a while, but if I’m remembering correctly, the original reason we were given for mounts not being put in the game had to do with the speed they would be going and something about running off or through the map. Now we’re being told capping thralls will make mounts possible.

Either way, I’d think putting mounts and mounted combat in an already buggy game would be problematic at best. It makes more sense to me to fix as much as you can before making any more major changes. Mix that with the reaction limiting thralls is getting from the players and that tells me one thing…that update is going to explode in their faces. Hopefully I’m wrong…

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Exactly. And the way this is being implemented we’ll be stuck with some of the older thralls, with no way to get rid of them.

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@Summer There will be a period of time before the cutting begins and you will be able to dismiss the old Thralls and pets like the others. But I can’t say what’s happening to the pets inside the Mesh you can’t touch. That’s really an extraordinary issue.

No, you weren’t told that at all.

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You’re right…I read it in a post, I wasn’t verbally told. I take it that’s incorrect? Like my comment said, correct me if I’m wrong. Part of it deals with server lag? Can you do better than “No, you weren’t told that at all.” if you have more information?

Is it?

I don’t think we’re playing the same game. It sure is common enough for me.


There is a delete option they stated it and showed it in the stream

thats only ever happened to me in either: places that had specific landscapes i shoulda known better bc it was buggy mesh, or places where the devs devd. by now, ive maxed a base on at least 30 private servers whove disappeared.

im countering the tone of the thread about our “He man lego toy game” 8P

Did you not read the whole post? That only helps if you can both find AND interact with them. The whole point is that many people have stuck thralls that cannot be reached, meaning we cannot use that command on them.


I agree. I’d rather see them wait and get this new thrall system rolled out with more advanced thrall tracking and removal features in place at the very start. Thralls regularly get lost, forgotten, stuck and buried deep in foundations, because the world just isn’t perfect, although I love it very much.

I really hope Funcom takes a second look at making this a bigger priority.

I’m excited for the changes, but would dearly love for them to roll out with the least amount of trouble and it does seem terribly unfair to all those who have thralls that get lost under floors, through no fault of their own.


Yeah, achieving quarterly financial goals is generally top priority, but who knows, maybe some clever guy there will figure this out after hours and they can shim it in for the release.