New Game Launcher

It’s called the Montero in the US. What I am proposing is like my car, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition. You will read the badge on the back. You will know her specs. :red_car:

Having this many fine games on a panel is a matter of prestige. Tencent deserves to show them off, and they deserve to offer us Dune and vice versa. With a coordinated effort we might be able to achieve a state of positive biome within the Wiki so that it can always grace the Launcher’s home. I speak from very near and dear experience, it’s important that we back each other up as players; having a common, verified reference point will be very valuable in getting the “how to” to the ones who deserve it.

And yet as of the game’s current state it doesn’t need unnecessary additions like a launcher, it needs fixing a lot of bug fixing.

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With all the respect I have for you, nitpicking on this level is beneath you :wink:


Then help me help the game. Give me a checklist of items to verify in TestLive once I’m able to run it. I am regularly updating my own checklists, and could use some new contributions. To let this bleed into the discussion of the Launcher is wrong.

The Launcher is supposed to coordinate all sources, from Steam, to Twitter, to Facebook, to this Forum here, as well as show the offerings of other games you might like to try. It just feels right, especially with such a big ticket as Dune coming out.

If I could, while playing I would close my main Steam Window leaving up only my Friends, Chats and Game Info screens. Steam’s main UI takes about 257 megs on my machine, so dumping it while playing Conan Exiles would be a fine trade-off.

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This is a redundancy. It is more data to fill up the pipeline. No. Please no.
We do not need this. This is really a waste of time. It does extend the time it takes to get into the game. Play, wait for launcher to load… then click play and hopefully go into game.

We do not want this. Please rethink this. It adds more steps, it adds more weight to the Graphics. It is just something more for my computer to load. It is not a benefit but a hinderance.
thank you Nicole but no thanks

  1. Play the game, and find bugs.
  2. Look on the forums and read what bugs people are reporting.

Honestly people keep reporting bugs here on the forum, there are threads, and threads of bugs VERY OLD and some new. You are a chosen of asura no ? The whole forum can be your checklist go wild.

People respond negatively to this launcher because the one thing it brings could have been added in the normal steam popup when you start the .exe. We really don’t need a launcher in a launcher to launch the launcher for a game. What we need is bug fixing and exploit fixing.

I’m starting to act like freaking Cato the Elder


I dunno, from what we’ve seen here today between this and the last time you called upon your viewers to take to the forums to reinforce your opinions, it feels kinda like you’re using your platform to strongarm the developers into doing what you want. Even if I agree the launcher is a bad idea, I don’t think this is a proper way to go about it. We could have done without the nearly 100 new accounts and counting coming in quoting your video. You can ask people to share their thoughts, not link them a thread and tell them to overwhelm all other replies with “no thanks, we don’t want another launcher” quoted verbatim over and over.

Edit: Another one —V


OMG Please not another launcher. I’ll quit… seriously this is too much. It will not have as many features as Steam. Fire your marketing people that even let you think about this. USE STEAM!!!

you should really read the funcom comments

it’s NOT a steam replacement. steam will NOT be removed.

You quoted 1. but it seems you didn’t do it for 2.

Steam has this cool little thing called a SEARCH TAB right on top of your games :slight_smile:

Cartago Delenda Est

It’s simple really, you post a picture or if you have a decent rig even a clip.

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Please don’t create a new launcher. Just use Steam. The last thing the world need is one more launcher.

There are ZERO good reasons to burden your customers with a completely useless launcher. My wife and I specifically stay away from games and companies that force horrible and pointless launchers in our face. Steam is more than enough.

If Conan Exiles ends up requiring a new launcher, we will seek life elsewhere. Thank you.

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So, yeah not going to lie here, I honestly don’t see any reason why a new launcher would be needed. While it is true you could use the launcher for whatever reason you may want, the truth of the matter is i don’t even want steam. I think launchers are more or less pointless, and anything they do or should do might as well should be done in engine rather than as an extra program that I “MUST” run in the backround in order to play one of my games. I already hate steam, please don’t give me another launcher to hate.

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Please. No.

Why is this something the game or I need?

Steam is a fantastic tool and launcher for games. Already the Steam Library page offers everything I need for the game. It offers patch notes, news, community feedback and more. Further, you already provide an informative and active forum and have numerous active social media accounts.

The introduction for ‘ANOTHER’ launcher will be a burden on the game.
Once agian, Why? what good will this do? all the tools are already in place and working well.

Steam caters to both the player and developer; why not just use the tools they offer and lets not waste the time and resources to construct something that is already in place.

Please, I don’t want this; and this is something the game will not benefit from as you are already effectively delivering news and updates with your various other channels. centralizing them in a launch seems a bit daft unless you plan on disabling other social media accounts and ceasing support for all other platforms.

sidenote: your art teams did a nice job designing the UI as it looks great; it’s just something that is not needed; nor anything I desire.

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WTF? Why? I already have so many launchers clogging up my computer. Why would you even need that? I can’t believe that instead of spending the resources to fix the long-time issues in your games you have instead opted to squander these resources and a pointless launcher that no one ever wanted or needed.

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I would not enjoy or appreciate the new launcher. It is not needed, though I suspect Funcom business executives already know this. I see the new launcher as a way for Funcom to circumvent having to pay Steam to do what the launcher could do. It will not help. I will not spend money here where I wouldn’t spend it on Steam.

I also will not appreciate extra apps running on my machine. Regardless of how small the memory footprint might be, anything extra is already too much as Conan Exiles runs fine already.

Please abandon this new launcher, its not too late and you may keep existing customers while making new ones. I don’t play a number of games because of the implementation of unnecessary launchers and the background crap that comes with it. Its a poorly hidden money-making scheme and I’m not fooled…


Please, do not add a new launcher. It does not add any value we don’t already have. As it stands now; 1 click in steam to launch the game.

With the launcher you have 1 click in steam to launch the launcher. Then another click in the launcher to launch the game. I don’t understand how an extra click is supposed to get us in game faster?

I could understand it if maybe conan exiles were a standalone product you sold though your website, but as it is now, your website just redirects to purchase the game from steam.

Steam is the only launcher we need.

New launcher is redundant and annoying. Would strongly recommend removing it from the game.