New Game Launcher

I launch the game directly from my desktop. I don’t need another launcher.

The good news is that you can still launch the game directly from your desktop. :slight_smile:


Ignasis -

Thanks for jumping in. And also your patience with us rabid fans. We have a love for the game and we don’t want to fix something that isn’t broken (cough combat rolls cough). :innocent:

Is this a game launcher within Steam? Is this a new Conan Exiles main page after the cut scene intro? When is the next livestream to discuss and clarify what this launcher is and why we would want it?


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Please no more launchers. thank you for your time.

Please give me a tag when you do.



I really can not blame them for a launcher. They want to avoid steam taking their cut of money for using the service.

Wow so many comments. Yikes. I have a legitimate question hopefully it gets answered amongst the sea of “no”.

So how does this new launcher work with modded servers? Currently I get into the main menu, select play online, pick the server i always play on (conveniently at the top of the list), it checks the mods (which are the same mods in the same order that I have in my mod page), then kicks me out to relaunch the game with the mods. Does this new launcher circumvent that?

Thanks for your time and an amazing game.

@Gorango nothing changes in this regards except for when you click continue it brings you directly to the mod mismatch window of your last played server, then sorts them out as usual, restarts and lets you in. This ofc provided that your modlist.txt doesnt match the server one. If they match, it wont restart again. Basically what this laucher does now is allowing you to skip the screen with the play online and the one after with select server if you press continue. If you dont want to continue, it brings you to the standard menu.

Thanks for the reply. My mod list matches the servers exactly and I still have to restart. So this won’t really help too much. Meh.

Anyway, to add to the discussion, I honestly don’t think it took a significant amount of resources to make the launcher in which so many people are mentioning. And I also don’t think it’s warranting this much hate based on the correction post by Ignasis. They just want the game to be better. Just like we do. Give it a shot and see how it goes. Remember the movement change? They dialed it back after we had time to use the system. I have faith they will take a similar approach to this. The sky does not have to fall every update…

That being said, do I want this launcher? not really. do I care? Not really. Am I going to uninstall and stop playing? Probably not.

  • What do you like about the launcher (if anything?)
  1. The design is clean looking and laid out well.
  2. Some of the topics I am looking for are immediately available.
  3. All the links worked for me (note I do not have FB, Instamagram etc accounts.)
  4. I still have access to Steam.
  5. Steam Family Sharing feature still works with the launcher.
  • What don’t you like about launcher (if anything)?
  1. News and Patch Notes should have their own tab with some indication to alert player of new content/information.
  2. Launch and Continue buttons could be more prominent. It appears to be understated for the purpose of this launcher.
  3. Continue button should skip all the obligatory cut-scenes (i.e. Unreal, Funcom, Nvidia, CE Intro) to make jumping into game faster.
  4. Add a Report button on bugs, cheaters, exploits, etc. I should be able to do these things without making a new account/logon to FUNCOM forums which is overwhelming to search/navigate.
  5. Add Favorite Servers tab so I can quickly get into game. I know it will make the CE main page redundant, but if the intent is to improve the player’s experience of getting into game, this would help.
  6. The “More” drop down menu…just label it “BattleEye Settings” for clarity.
  7. The panel of FUNCOM games do not indicate player ownership. If this panel is intended to be a universal launcher for Steam/FUNCOM games, it would be helpful to highlight and list player own games at the top of the list.
  8. FUNCOM logo at the top left is not an active link to FUNCOM’s website.
  9. Played Server tab. In addtion to the Favorite Server tab, it would be helpful to have a a list of servers I have played on with additional information such as: character name and level, and clan name (if in a clan). With server populations constantly changing due to server killer clans, hackers who attack populated servers etc, sometimes that server gets new life after a few months and it would be nice to know that I have a leveled character on that server. I’m sorry, I can’t remember every server and character I have played since Early Access. :grinning:

Well…how was that for constructive feedback?



Please no. Steam already does this.

I tried to write as objectively and constructively as I can.
Steam launcher offers:
list of games from various manufacturers, community center, groups, discussions, guides, workshop, screenshots, user reviews, technical support, information about updates, patches, DLC list - review and purchase.

Funcom launcher offers (as of February 19, 2020)
funcom games list only,
Game tab: latest dlc,
content tab: dlc list,
steam workshop tab: is a shortcut to steam workshop,
Top right corner funcom launcher: (description for conan exiles)
the forum button takes us to
update information takes us to
social media buttons: twitter, reddit, facebook, youtube, twitch, instagram
Button run, continue, more => disable battleye, install and uninstall battleye

What funcom launcher offers and what steam launcher doesn’t offer:
Buttons for: funcom forum, update description, conan exiles social media and continue button.


  • let your games run with and without the launcher (if it is good and offers useful functions that the steam launcher doesn’t have, players will try and see for themselves - don’t force people, leave them a choice);

  • enter the mod management - activate the mods before starting and let the program check their compatibility and whether the mod does not cause errors and whether the mod data are not in conflict with each other ** (currently it looks like this - I start the game, click modifications, click workshop, subscribes to the mod I’m interested in, restart the game, click continue and if the mod is not compatible, the game stops working - it lasts too long, that’s why this idea with the mod management program) To activate - yes I know, i can edit the modlist file in the folder => steamapps \ common \ Conan Exiles \ ConanSandbox \ Mods and activate the modifications without starting the game but I am trying to find some action for funcom launcher.**

  • don’t create something like atomic shop for fallout 76;

  • do not create your own workshop with mods;

  • own server management (something better than DedicatedServerLauncher1044 Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.0.44 / Beta: ----) just that more beautiful, easier in configuration and operation and greater control, among others, control over modes - checking their compatibility with the current version of the game and checking for conflict-free operation with other modes before starting the server; ** please do not write that “you have this program” i’m trying to write what this new launcher may be useful for. **

  • the ability to disable videos when starting the game (let the game load immediately);

  • the ability to configure server settings like a game with administrator privileges (in such a graphic style) * yes I know, there are configuration files in the folder steamapps \ common \ Conan Exiles \ ConanSandbox \ Config and saves but “…new launcher may be useful for”;

  • the ability to start games via a funcom launcher without steam (if I want to play e.g. in conan exiles then why should I run steam, unless it can’t be bypassed (should it look like: steam launcher + funcom launcher or steam launcher) only);

  • the ability to configure game settings - language, graphics, button binding ect. in funcom launcher (yes I know I have it in the game but why not).

I am asking for a description of what you want to add to your launcher, how you want to develop it and how and how you want to convince players to use it, and why did you properly devote resources to creating the launcher?

Please add something that steam doesn’t offer and that will be useful. (please do not write “write what to do?” this is not my task and I have no benefits - I do not work at funcom company.
As of today (19/02/2020), the continue button is definitely not enough for the funcom launcher to be needed.
I hope this comment is useful and constructive.

PS English is not my native language - sorry for grammar and other errors.

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Like a lot of people here, I an voicing my disfavor of an extra launcher. I have never seen a reason to have one for any game that I own through Steam. It has never added anything to the experience and has had no benefit. A mod manager would be a better use of your time. Something we can opt into when we launch the game similar to the one for BattleEye. I will not be playing this game if this tedious waste of time is added. I would much rather have time/money spent on making more quality content and fixing bugs. Anything to divide the community is a net loss for the community and by extension FunCom.

I am curious why have the launcher then, or better yet, why have the launcher on the steam versions. it seems pointless, at least make it optional. I know some people are fine with it, but it does seem a majority do not want it. I think a good middle ground is making it an optional thing. Can even have it defaulted to on for all I care, long as it can be turned off.

Thanks Shadoza.

I tried out the Testlive and it is as you said.

I think we jumped to the assumption this was like another Origin, Steam game launcher. This really replace and enhance the BattleEye pop up. Though it was mentioned by AndyB…it really didn’t stick to me because of my assumptions.


I know no one needs a new launcher but this is not like those others really, it was click on game, click continue , goes into game and done , it was fast and clean and easy as I play on one SP server. It does not feel like a launcher to me really more just one of the steps in game start and it is faster for me I am finding so far. I think I might like it even.


in my opinion its no sense to have a new launcher that consume resources and didn’t add ‘anything good’ to the game. few years ago you were going to throw the towel… and now you are developing new launchers? instead of aplying that resources into improve the game and their mechanics… you serious?
ty so much for the updates they are great, but the respources you use in the new launcher you can use it for improve the ia dat… im sorry… but its terrible. is worst than the ia of ark, dat freaking dinos do it better than your thralls sry. no new launcher please. ty

Please, No new game launcher. I refuse to have 3-4 launchers, I only have 320 hours played, and a new launcher will cause me to uninstall the game. When I purchase a game we just want to play it. I dont want a bunch of ads or to see a list of the other games you are making or have for sale. I bought the game on steam for a reason. there is ONE launcher, it updates the games, I can check patch notes, I can talk to the game community. the only thing a launcher will add is the possibility of you selling other titles. It will come at the cost of loosing current customers.

Unneeded my friends. Be a total drag on my system. You guys are working hard to keep the face of this game clean so don’t put such a blemish on it.